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    1. Coyote27

      Starmade overhaul

      Wires: I don't like the idea of requiring them at all, but a decorative block of wiring would be kinda nice I guess, kinda like the pipe decorative block. And wedges for both of them would be extra good. Solar panels that generate power output based on the lighting level they receive from the...
    2. Coyote27

      Re-use the new button mesh

      Even Edy can be right on occasion. Good idea.
    3. Coyote27

      Suggestions for Ship/Fleet AI Behavior Settings

      That feels like one of the most obvious uses for crew, IMO, but might be difficult to actually get working the way we want.
    4. Coyote27

      Suggestions for Ship/Fleet AI Behavior Settings

      Why would anyone choose to surrender an entire ship if they could have a damaged ship flee back to be scrapped or repaired instead? Maybe if there's expensive crew involved, and surrendering means you get all the crew back whereas fleeing might result in them getting chased down and blasted...
    5. Coyote27

      Suggestions for Ship/Fleet AI Behavior Settings

      It's generally accepted that the ship Ai needs to be a lot more flexible and therefore more useful, so here's some suggestions for behaviors that can be toggled - either on the Bobby AI module itself for individual ships, or in the fleet settings for fleets (having both is not particularly...
    6. Coyote27

      Quality of Life stuff 8.2018

      Every chamber should auto-charge by default. There is nothing added to the game by making people hold down a mouse button.
    7. Coyote27

      Reorganizing Sensors and Jams

      While a smaller ship would have an easier time hiding, a larger ship with a larger antenna would also have an easier time seeing. I think it would end up as a wash as regarding a small ship versus a large one, though larger ships could detect other large ships at greater ranges than small ships...
    8. Coyote27

      Universe Patch Brainstorming: Incentives Against Turtling?

      Even Edy is right twice a day. Protecting a vulnerable base isn't simply like Britain trying to protect the Falklands, as challenging as that was in reality. Instead, it's more equivalent to the Argies being both willing and able to bulldoze the islands into the sea and make them vanish from the...
    9. Coyote27

      How big is your *******

      I've made a good number of "fighter"-sized ships before, but never with the intent of using them as fighters. Usually as scouts, light packet transports, or other utility purposes. I did make a ~600 mass microcorvette in the past and use it for combat, but I wouldn't really consider it a...
    10. Coyote27

      Weapons Prebuild right-click not working?

      It's not a bug, it's a safety mechanism! You have to click with both buttons now - hold down left-click as if you're charging and then right-click. This was changed because of the new zoom mechanic with right-click - it became really easy for people to accidentally jump away when they're trying...
    11. Coyote27

      Warp Gates 2.0

      As far as I understand it, wormholes do not deal heat damage and aren't supposed to; the heat warning is a bug that happens because they still count as stars in that respect.
    12. Coyote27

      Some way to limit number of turrets

      As far as I'm aware, the general PvP meta already encourages smaller numbers of larger turrets rather than the inverse; the larger your ship is and the larger the battles are, the more lag-reduction and memory/processor efficiency matter for combat effectiveness as opposed to raw on-paper...
    13. Coyote27

      Spawn Ships to Docking Rails

      You need to make sure that your turret-part cores are perpendicular to both axes of rotation and able to both line up in the same XYZ orientation. This is aggravating when you get it wrong.
    14. Coyote27

      My ship classifications (Power 2.0)

      It seems like as a general rule, 1k reactor size ~= 5k ship mass, at least for how I build.
    15. Coyote27

      When you're mining

      You salvaged up someone's secret asteroid stash?
    16. Coyote27

      My ship classifications (Power 2.0)

      While everyone has their own classifications, your interpretations of ship size classes lines up roughly with mine. The one thing I'd like to add is a thanks for actually knowing what a battlecruiser is.
    17. Coyote27

      [Dev Build] Weapons 2.0 further testing impressions

      Slow missiles are kinda meh, yes. So far I've really been liking them with low beam-secondary ratios - 0-25% is a comfy zone, I've got an under-construction combat drone with four 9%-beam vertical launch missiles as of right now, but the ratio could go up or down. High missile speed and volume...
    18. Coyote27

      [Dev Build] Weapons 2.0 further testing impressions

      Beam-Missile is awesome for reliable damage, but the tiny range can be a significant hindrance, especially if you are at a speed disadvantage.
    19. Coyote27

      Proximity Alarms

      Pretty sure this has been suggested before, but it bears suggesting again; especially if the alarm can trigger logic.
    20. Coyote27

      Should I play if I do singleplayer? (AKA if the pve is worth?)

      The one thing I'd comment on that hasn't been said, is that there really isn't anything that you can do in singleplayer that you can't do on a multiplayer server too AND be able to show off your hard work. However, I've found it a lot easier to keep a SP Creative world for designing...