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    1. Lerith

      A possible RTS adaption.

      Greetings, Space-farers. I've been thinking, And exporting a lot, And I would like to ask you a question. Are you interested in a star made RTS adaption fan game? I understand schine wants to implement some form of empire management system to the base game, But I am referring to a strictly RTS...
    2. Lerith

      Inspiration for fleets / SHIPS - Request.

      O/ Hello peoples of the forum, I notice a lot of people are posting "I need inspiration for ______" esk forums, So I considered if people would like a forum dedicated to sharing interesting ship designs etc. This forum will primarily be interesting concept art, an occasional criss meme, And...
    3. Lerith

      Mark of the outcasts -Faction

      Mark of the outcasts is a rank based faction entirely focused on being alienated from each member, Sounds confusing. The entire idea of the faction is to have each individual player commanding their own titan, The greater the power of the titan, The higher rank they are. While not entirely...