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    1. lord_farquad

      StarMade Ship Systems 2.0

      Love the idea in principle. The one thing I feel it doesn't solve for (maybe I am missing something) is encouraging the creation/use of empty spaces and reduction in system sizes, which I really liked from the last proposal. Also, as has been said, please change the name from "Tech Points" :P
    2. lord_farquad

      Power System Overhaul Proposal

      I'm a huge fan of this idea, as proposed! I also like the idea of making shields more complex, but don't feel like the reactor direction is the way to go there... I feel like directional shielding is the answer (make me care about which side is currently facing the enemy).
    3. lord_farquad

      Bug Squished Station & Docked Entities

      Do you know what you googled? I can't find anything on what to do about it ( did clear my client cache but no joy)
    4. lord_farquad

      Bug Squished Station & Docked Entities

      After leaving and re-entering a sector in which I have a station built, the entire station seems to get squished and nothing on it/docked to it can be interacted with. Reloading the sector doesn't help, however restarting the client fixes the problem until the sector is loaded again. Screenshot
    5. lord_farquad

      Read by Council Survival Needs

      One thing I continually miss (and often something that keeps me from playing for longer stretches) is not having to worry about my general survival. Mostly only enemies are of threat to me, which I feel detracts from the experience. In general I think builders like this thrive a lot on the...
    6. lord_farquad

      Star Wars: Marauder Corvette Refit 2015-12-03

      NOTE: This is not my original design, this is a heavily modified version of Squirrel's creation, the original can be found here. This is the first in a series of Star Wars refits I'm working on focusing first on the Empire... this will probably be by far the smallest of them. I'm sort of...
    7. lord_farquad

      Sound Blocks

      This has probably been mentioned before but... Something I always wish for when building is sound blocks: a block that when activated by logic plays the selected sound. Example sounds: -Hazard/warning siren -Various weapon sounds (think star wars blasters or star trek phasers) -door sounds...
    8. lord_farquad

      •Kuat Drive Yards•

      IS the Imperial SD still being worked on?
    9. lord_farquad

      Current Weapon Balance: Shields vs Hull

      That makes more sense. The question then is how do you balance it. For example, is there a maximum number of contiguous connected blocks? Or is there a diminishing return beyond a certain point (that would seem to make the most sense)? On a side note... so missile damage is not negated by...
    10. lord_farquad

      Current Weapon Balance: Shields vs Hull

      I don't think the point is to make it impossible, but to make it more difficult. Doesn't having a 99% resist at 256 HP mean that even with 100k damage you can at max go through 4 blocks instead of like a thousand? or am I misunderstanding how armor mitigates damage?
    11. lord_farquad

      Current Weapon Balance: Shields vs Hull

      I actually get what you mean, but regional damage then seems to become a difficulty. I think toying with the resistance instead of actual HP is the better solution if I'm understanding how the engine calculates damage/hp, in order to prevent performance decrease.
    12. lord_farquad

      Current Weapon Balance: Shields vs Hull

      I think significantly increasing the HP of armor is probably the easiest way to go. Though the weapon return curves do probably need some tweaking. I really like the idea of having connected hull pieces increase the HP of each individual piece, with higher quality hull/armor increasing at a...
    13. lord_farquad

      Ok, thanks for the reply

      Ok, thanks for the reply
    14. lord_farquad

      Out of curiosity, before I make a relatively futile effort myself, are you still working on the...

      Out of curiosity, before I make a relatively futile effort myself, are you still working on the ISD 1:1?
    15. lord_farquad

      Posting some older ships that I can't find on the new site...

      Posting some older ships that I can't find on the new site.
    16. lord_farquad

      1:2 scale Star Destroyer

      Are you working on completing the interior?
    17. lord_farquad

      Big Ships are Terrible now...

      Not gonna lie, this nerf pretty much ruined the game for me, as I am not really here to fiddle around with small ships for hours on end (let\'s face it big ships are cool).... why was the nerf not simply an exponential decrease in shield regeneration relative to shield blocks used? ex. 400...
    18. lord_farquad

      1/2 Scale Destiny-Ascension

      Currently working on the DA from Mass Effect in my spare time. It's only about 20% complete (it looks quite hideous atm, I know), unfortunately I built it out of blue instead of white, as soon as a decent mass-block editor exists I'll be changing it over to white hull. Here are the current...
    19. lord_farquad

      Project Megido, a massive ship

      You\'re my new hero, or at least you will be, as soon as there are downloadlinks..... links plz!!
    20. lord_farquad

      Block Types

      As usual, I was pontificating in the shower (admit it, we all know all good ideas come from the shower), and thought of some additional block types that would be amazing (in my mind). As a warning, part of what I do for a living is game design, which means I come up with crazy ideas that players...