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    1. Aaron Breneman

      Quad Detect

      Tricky lil bastards they even hide on the radar
    2. Aaron Breneman

      Quad Detect

      Ah , Yes but would only have found it under Astronauts ATM not Space Creatures, i wonder why not...
    3. Aaron Breneman

      Quad Detect

      Possibly, but i doubt it, i'll get back to ya....
    4. Aaron Breneman

      Quad Detect

      Or maybe if someone know's how i might lua script myself a detector through luamade, but i am a complete noob at lua programming so yeah, i'd need the complete idiots guide ya know, lol
    5. Aaron Breneman

      Quad Detect

      NOPE!!! No GO!!! Here look!!! And that's the planet BTW, i called it spider cuz i spawn them here to keep them contained when i hunt them, but i want to hunt them on their naturally occuring stations, but i've only found one in a collection of 88 Star systems nearby this planet, hence why i...
    6. Aaron Breneman

      Quad Detect

      Do they? I'll have to check that again, i might a setting off somewhere, will they show up if its a spawner?
    7. Aaron Breneman

      Quad Detect

      I really want a good way to detect station with these little orange bastards on board, i know they are in the game still, because i have recently encountered in this most recent version. v0.203.133. Please Y'all need a Quad Detector!!
    8. Aaron Breneman

      PREDATOR (Yautja) v0.203.133

      Alien species that thrives on the Sport of Hunting other species, Main Protagonist of the PREDATOR Movie Series.
    9. Aaron Breneman

      Yautja Pook Version 2 v0.203.133

      Like my other Pook but with Red Helmet Lights, didn't have time to take pic.
    10. Aaron Breneman

      Addams Mansion v0.203.133

    11. Aaron Breneman

      Yautja Mothership MK2 v0.203.133

      Like Before but more accurate and More Weaponry and Features.
    12. Aaron Breneman

      Yautja Mothership v0.203.133

    13. Aaron Breneman

      Yautja Pook v0.203.133

    14. Aaron Breneman

      PooKs Ship 2022-12-21