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      Needs a few more frontal outputs...
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      This time I somehow slipped into a side-project even before starting the new main project.
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      I fully intend to reproduce this ship, in its exterior entirety, in StarMade. Can't tell why, it just seems doable and worthwhile. (It's a random warship model of a certain "Ferrous Corp" from the Dark Matter series, took the screenshots for later inspiration) Stay tuned for much, much more.
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      Community Build Initiative: Mobile Factory/Refinery

      Thank you for second place! Honored to be right next to that masterpiece that is WS Dakota. docpenguindoc's two entries remained unshowcased, he previously put together all submissions: A remark I'd like to add is about the connectivity of my ship's operations. I've put a lot of effort into...
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      "Asterope" destroyer flagship (Pleiades fleet) - Very minor aesthetic alteration to match shell variant

      Only replaced two decorative blocks, above and below the core, to match the ones in the ship's publicly available unsystemed version.
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      PLEIADES FLEET - The Seven Sisters of StarMade - Very small corrections

      Only two worth mentioning: Freighter - fixed hole and decoration bleed-through in the ceilings of the make-believe Nuclear Reactor and Shield Generator rooms. Fighter - removed six redundant armor blocks from within the hull.
    7. DeepspaceMechanic

      Isaac-class hovercraft - Almost same as previous version

      Changed orientation of the wall of cannon barrels behind the ice sheet of the ship's "gills"; you can't see a weird array of outputs anymore. Onboard cannon's primary and secondary module groups don't touch anymore.
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      Othrys titan warpgate [INCOMPLETE] v1

      Unsystemed. Opening size: 501W x 501H Make it your own by continuing the detailing and fitting in systems. Feel free to reupload.
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      Othrys 1K titan shipyard [INCOMPLETE] v1

      A semi-enclosed shipyard of one kilometer length, suitable for the construction of titan ships. LAGBOMB WARNING: 5,360,000 blocks and who knows how many chunks... Overall size: 609W x 615H x 1065L Shipyard area: 501W x 501H x 1051L POWER 200K reactor, 250K stabilizers SHIELDS Top shield...
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      Omicron-Colosseum megashipyard [INCOMPLETE] v1

      No systems or interior whatsoever. Miniature model included (docked). Overall size: around 800m wide and long Entrance size: 187W x 143H
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      Norilsk-780 Industrial Complex v1

      No interior or systems. Miniature model included (docked). Overall size: 780W x 430H x 720L Large shipyard (modules fitted): 95W x 85H x 220L Small shipyards (two identical, both unsystemed): 105W x 65H x 81L Warpgates (two identical, both unsystemed): 115W x 115H
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      Missing factory menu

      Another issue with the latest non-dev build (0.203.132) is that LoD blocks don't display (at least from close up, they still do display at a distance, in their non-3D model forms). Wonder if this is setting-related, and if so, how it can be fixed?
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      Isaac-class hovercraft - Improved onboard weapon, plus small fixes

      Onboard weapon is now of a less boring-to-use configuration; also increased 150% in block-count (replaced 500 blocks of internal deadweight). Repositioned the interior button of rover hangar bay door, etc.
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      Finished this ship around the same time I got through all three seasons of the Dark Matter series it drew inspiration from, indirectly. Here's a shot of the new Isaac-class hovercraft resting in the (unfinished) shipyard of the MIC-583 mobile industrial complex. Isaac's core room --...
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      Isaac-class hovercraft v1.3

      Inspired by WS Delphis and Raza (shell).
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      MIC-583 mobile industrial complex - Rectified a minor but funny omission

      The gigantic, suspended capsule-reactor thing in the core room is now properly attached to the walls and ceiling... not just magically levitating, lol.
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      Community Build Initiative: Mobile Factory/Refinery

      Unfinished in the lower sections (living quarters, hangars, shipyard), but good enough. DOWNLOAD: Content link
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      MIC-583 mobile industrial complex v1.2

      Cyberspace Shipyards proudly presents the "MIC-583" mobile industrial complex: a self-sufficient, self-propelled industrial park, turning asteroids into spacecraft. Nicknamed "Mick", this 583-meter-long powerhouse is basically a flying island of heavy industry, featuring: (Community Build...
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      Wild Space Explorers

      I could say of this ship all the good things I said of your Galactic Trading Vessel. Another exceptionally creative and diligent work of StarMade art! Although it's a bit of a lag-bomb, it's absolutely worth it. Noticed that it even has docked half-slab windows on those two-part doors, very nice.
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      Screenshot collection porn

      One bee tries to outdo Tony Montana, while the other cleans up the crime scene... (Ice melting and spillover management)