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    1. kupu

      Kupu's thread

      Better late than never I suppose.
    2. kupu

      Pixel: under construction

      Wow, pretty odd. Could be something silly like the weapon computers having light sources. Not much else i can think it would be. I'll have a poke when i get some free time and get a simple texture replacement version together. Cheers for reporting that.
    3. kupu

      Pixel: under construction

      Possibly. The lighting issue is something Schema is aware of and i will poke him with again at some point. This isn't so much a fix, it just removes what causes the issue, which also removes the ability to use normal map textures. Luckily this pack doesn't require them. Any small...
    4. kupu

      PIXEL 2019-06-05

      Details here:
    5. kupu

      Pixel: under construction

      This is currently under construction, please backup your entire Starmade installation before installing. This is not an official resource. Some textures are incomplete. This is currently not Server compatible. If you're a solo player or builder, check it out. If not, wait until this is split...
    6. kupu

      Server -Client Custom-Block Problem

      Yes, I believe this is still the case unfortunately. I can raise the issue with the team and try sort out this feature. As i understand it, it's simply downloading files to a wrong directory.
    7. kupu

      Remove "Opened Storage" Message

      Agree. Passed it on.
    8. kupu

      Kupu's thread

      DeepspaceMechanic Looking at the Red Cascade issue you raised previously, i can't find a reason for it to of changed. The texture remains the same as before, and different to the blue cascade. It's perhaps just it's orientation? Because one flows up, the other flows down, when one block is...
    9. kupu

      My block textures are distorted (solved)

      No, please don't try this to fix the issue. Follow the steps outlined by SmilingDemon or myself for this, so we can ensure it is corrected properly. I'll try get these hotkeys rebound, this is still happening too frequently :/
    10. kupu

      Suggestion- Give us the ability to force a re-download of just textures

      JC1223 Sounds like the vertex order is incorrect, and mistakenly edited when you pressed a debug hotkey. Not the textures themselves being corrupt. Check this thread, lots of examples shown here: If it looks like...
    11. kupu

      Kupu's thread

      DeepspaceMechanic I'll look into both of these. The issue with altering the orientation on pipes now (i think) is that it could reset orientations of placed blocks. I'll have to see how it's being used / what happens.
    12. kupu

      Kupu's thread

      Sorry, missed this one. Probably not... Believe me, i love that players use all blocks in decorating ships. It pains me when we deprecate blocks or mechanics change and ship visuals either have to change or are no longer viable. However we can't reasonably keep providing a deco' version /...
    13. kupu

      Kupu's thread

      They will go in when i'm next able.
    14. kupu

      Kupu's thread

      Hey kiddan , Thanks! I didn't keep detailed changelog because almost every non-organic block was altered. If only very slightly, most blocks would of been broken down and rebuilt to ensure they met a new standard. (A few are still missing their final specular map details, but these will get...
    15. kupu

      Anchor CTRL-Z to Undo, CTRL-C Copy, CTRL-V Paste

      CTRL Z undo / CTRL Y redo key-binds are a nice idea. Little things like this often slip through the cracks, i'll pass this on. I'd like to see it.
    16. kupu

      Kupu's thread

      Yup. Similar things happens across loads of blocks. Weapons and rail block types are the worst offenders. Also colour inconsistencies across the entire texture pack. Mis-matched screen and light colours, detail density and "wear and tear" scratch marks are of wildly varying sizes. Specular...
    17. kupu

      List of outdated blocks to remove when modernizing blueprints

      Ah i must of missed them, Sorry. I can't speak to mechanical changes that auto remove or replace, or blueprint issues. However i can quickly list which blocks will be given a decorative replacement, or how they are being phased out below. Most, if not all of these will be deprecated. Meaning...
    18. kupu

      good tutorials on hoe to use the block editor needed please

      Recently a few texture questions have been asked so i'm dropping this in here for now to try help the very basic first steps of finding and editing starmade textures! (ctrl c_v from another post, so excuse any formatting errors) _______________________________________________________ There are...
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      Add Solar Power CTRL+F "Solar" 0 results found. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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      Kupu's thread

      Yes. Yes, this is something that Saber would really like to implement. The ability to activate models. Yes, i understand. I'd like something similar too, as mentioned above i think 3D objects would be best used for this and allow more interesting designs, especially considering it's a more...