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    1. Cybertec

      master builder seminars for noobs?

      Do they have? I'd love to watch a vid or two , post qf. I just build qubes of puke.
    2. Cybertec

      Basic questions from an aspiring StarMade N00B

      Hello Gentle-beings, Manifestations, and other Things, Long time lurker, and not an often poster here with a few questions for you, the teeming builders. 1. What is better for building medium to extra-large ships: SMeidt or the Star made editor? 2. Are Salvaging ships totally a waste now...
    3. Cybertec

      What is the easiest way to remove a huge laggy ship you accidentally spawned?

      Yes, I know this is a noob question, and I apologize in advance, but what is the easiest way to salvage/destroy a huge capitol ship that you accidently spawned? It was a Python, in sandbox mode. any help would be appreciated. -Cybertec, "IOh, what does that button do? Oh. My bad."