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    1. Lord DarkSide


      I miss a button to merge all items on one stack , if i drop item in it without looking for a stack are presend. Then click on them and then sort them all on one stack.
    2. Lord DarkSide

      Tuturial to build fabr. and so / suche Anleitung für Fabrikbau und mehr

      I look for a tuturial there explay me that block with that block on that way to kombinate to a fabr. as sample. I dont fount a point to point tuturial , only very old Gibt es wo eine genaue Anleitung zb. für den genauen Block zu block Anleitung zb. welche blocks mit welchen kombiniert werden...
    3. Lord DarkSide

      Masurmend / Vermessung - Blocks

      Hi Folks. My idea is blocks with numbers on all 6 side, so we can see how many block long the object are. So we can use that to build easy big objects or control them the size of them. The idea is from 1,2 ........ 100, ......5000 to count As a new kind of block, as buildhelper Look my sample pic.
    4. Lord DarkSide

      Textur error or bug?

      After the last update install suddenly i've see other textur on all blocks. Is that a config fail or game problem? Then a config fail, that i need to do? --- Nach dem letzten update waren die Texturen plötzlich ganz anderes als normal. Ist das ein config fehler oder ein game fehler? Wenn ein...
    5. Lord DarkSide

      Intention or Bug?

      Hi Folks. Is it a intention then i set the brush size 10 x 10 x 10 and i will my object remove/delete, the complete area will be partial delete and not complete?
    6. Lord DarkSide

      Singleplayer/Offline game

      Can be build in the OFFLINE game a Option/Command that we don't loose the Faction Points? Or a command like /addFP_xy_FactionName. <--- Then that, then only 4 serveradmin use! I mean only in the OFFLINE game not in the multiplayer game.
    7. Lord DarkSide

      Faction Points 4 Faction

      I missing a overview that 4 action give xy Faction Points add debit for Faction. I ask, why i have play a offline/solo game and set my Faction. Suddenly i become a ingame MSG i have lost some sectors and so ....! And i miss that in the wiki too.
    8. Lord DarkSide

      Build help ingame!?

      I look for a help to build a correct circle or ball ingame in free size to build ships or stations. Is that build in ?
    9. Lord DarkSide

      07.25.19 Ideas for Dev Discussion

      1) ADMIN spawn a object. I don't found a kind of delete function in game 4 them. Only player object despawn function. 2) For build and mining function at planet and asteroids, i miss glowing contour at workplace, like Minecraft or Minetest.