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    1. Dalmont

      Restricted Build Mode

      We all know that build mode is arguably one of the best features in StarMade; but what if we could turn it off completely? I propose a server configuration option that will enable admins to turn off build-mode on a per-player, per-sector, or per-server basis. Ideally it could also be restricted...
    2. Dalmont

      Next Generation Fighter: A Competition

      Congratulations to our winners! Fight and follow-up video available Soon™ (Watch this space). Score: 17 / 20 :: SBS. Ralinna by SchnellBier Score: 16 / 20 :: RF-4 Pearl Egret by refirendum Score: 15 / 20 :: SkyCorp Raven by SkylordLuke _____________________________RUNNER...
    3. Dalmont

      Dalmont Q&A - Let em' Rip!

      Curious about how I'd represent your interests to the development team? Ask whatever you like and I'll do my best to answer!
    4. Dalmont

      [SFW] Sioux Fleetworks

      So now that I have a tiny bit more time on my hands, its time to return to a proper shipyard! I'll also be releasing lots of highly demanded ships, shuttles, turrets, and stations throughout the coming months. I'm really looking forward to producing many more ships for this wonderful community...
    5. Dalmont

      Freeze when logging in to Servers.

      Since the most recent two updates, I've been almost completely unable to log-in to any server. When I attempt to load in (empty sector / full sector) my ping instantly skyrockets. Then the game freezes, and often times closes without an error message. My internet hasn't changed in the time since...
    6. Dalmont

      Unknown Graphical Bug / Feature?

      Anyone know what this is, or how to fix it?
    7. Dalmont

      Sioux Fleetworks

      NEW! Added Infographics for: SFW_Altair, SFW_Comet, SFW_Ceres Added downloads for: SFW_PDT-Small, SFW_Altair Added Reviews for: N / A ----------------- Ladies, Gentalmen, and Everyone inbetween. It is my utmost pleasure to release to the public SFW's first pure combat ship, the SFW_Altair...
    8. Dalmont

      Adrestia Corvette

      Sioux Fleetyards presents the Adrestia! Our first real public appearence. Stats ------------ Regen: 41k Storage / 1.1m Regen Shields: 651k / 12k/s Regen / 4.0 Recovery Thrust: 17425.3 Weapons: 2x Foreward Gattling AMCs / Various Turrets / "Hole Punch" Missiles Complete Album is...