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    1. nightrune

      Twitch Panels

      I'm looking to setup my twitch panels, and I was going to link to Starmade. Are there any assets available to streams to add, Specifically an image or a url I can show so I don't step on licensing issues?
    2. nightrune

      What choice do I got?

      After a discussion with a friend. I wanted to see what the community thought. What choices do you have during combat in starmade? and what does that choice mean? Please hold discussion of new choices for later and possibly another thread.
    3. nightrune

      Some unicode characters

      So super silly, but the wedge characters should really be in starmade since we have wedges in game. ◢ - Black Lower Right Triangle U+25E2 - Unicode® character table Ideally all of these: Geometric Shapes What would schine need for these to show up? Make a black wedge in the font for all sizes?
    4. nightrune

      Chat/Channel Block

      I have a very basic but powerful idea for a block after the introduction of the display modules mechanics. Synopsis: The idea is a single new block. I'm going to call it the Chat Block. I do make one assumption that doesn't necessarily need to be true. I assume that starmade uses IRC underneath...
    5. nightrune

      Mining Info

      It would be really awesome if mining had damage numbers like combat but instead showed the number of resources/type you were mining during that tick. So imagine the orange numbers that pop up when you hit systems on ships and just make that +201 Tekt, +300 White Stuff, etc. Would help know...
    6. nightrune

      Attach Gravity to Quarters

      I'm basing this largely on what I've heard and assumed quarters are going to be. The idea is really attach gravity to the quarter to allow an area of gravity. Since its likely that Quarters are a type of bounding box, it can define gravity for an entire space. This would be really helpful for...
    7. nightrune

      Attach Permissions to Quarters Instead

      I'm basing this largely on what I've heard and assumed quarters are going to be. The idea is really attach permissions to the quarter to allow an area of permission. Since its likely that Quarters are a type of bounding box, it can define permissions for an entire space. This could be for...
    8. nightrune

      Starmade Forge - Starmade comes to Mobile!

      Hey citizens, I've been slowly working on building an application in unity. The plan is to just have a basic renderer first. That way you can deploy it to web/android/ios and view ships in full 3D. Later on I'll be bringing building and editing to it as well. So a quick teaser! Its not...
    9. nightrune

      Read by Council Allow the use of changing entities in Build Mode

      After watching a new streamer play attempt to build turrets for the first time. This was one thing that was an odd usability issue was this. Allow the use of up/down arrow keys, and ctrl arrow/keys while you are in build mode. Should make building turrets and other odd docked entities easier.
    10. nightrune

      Read by Council Allow Jumps inside a Sector

      Allow a ship to jump inside a sector. This could be used as a blink mechanic. Two ways I see it working would 1) a straight boost/blink forward. 2) A random location in the sector like a normal jump. Nothing changes for charging or jump inhibitors. This gives a really cool small - mid...
    11. nightrune

      Recognized by Council Entity Structure Suggestion

      Based on what you have selected with C, you should see an information block in the UI for the current system you are adding to. Take for example, wanting to build a specific ratio of beam, beam, punch. Maybe I want beam/50%/10%. So X number of beam blocks, then slaved 50% * X, and then 10% * x...
    12. nightrune

      Read by Council Playable Races

      Playable races have been suggested before, but usually it gets no where because there isn't a real reason for it! I think I have a reason though. The devs have suggested that fauna is likely to be modular. So you could extend that to our character models and NPCS. This would let us create a...
    13. nightrune

      Fixed Search Broken?

      So I was attempting to find one of my old threads. So I used the search function to find all of my threads and I would just look through them. It didn't find the one I was looking for. To reproduce: Search for all threads with created by my username: You wont' find this one: Read by Council -...
    14. nightrune

      Read by Council Flow of NPCS

      One of the things I've been thinking about is how civilian life or NPC life would actually flow. As well as how much players/heros really effect it. The main suggestion is, if feasible, don't let NPCs just warp around. They should follow the same rules as the player. I'm imagining that you'll...
    15. nightrune

      Recognized Change Factory Production Like Rails

      Basically I want to setup a minmal factory chain, and then like the rails have alternate setups. A button by a factory. The factory is slaved to the button, and then another factory is slaved to that button. When you activate the button all settings from the close factory transfer to the new...
    16. nightrune

      Read by Council Deployables, Boarding, and Entity Vehicles

      There are quite a few threads on this. These are the ones I've found. I'd like to expand on them and harmonize what I've read. I think we can get all of these things with a single block, and without lots of lag. Here are some of the sources: Read by Council - Rolling Vehicles Read by Schine -...
    17. nightrune

      Recognized Physical Effects to Weapons

      I think it might be fun to add small amounts of innate push to cannons and missiles or at least a little bit of screen shake when weapons impact. Small amounts of push would create a bit more realism when a large ship fires on a smaller one. Moving the target just a little bit.
    18. nightrune

      Planned Asteroid belt immersion

      I know its not likely we'll get more asteroids (I can always hope) but one cool trick for later on might be to have a client side particle system or shader system that had small micro meteorites hitting the shield or taking up more of the view port while in an asteroid belt.
    19. nightrune

      Recognized Wireless Touch Logic

      There a quite a few instances where wireless doesn't work well. I'd really like to not have to connect them in astronaut mode. My suggestion is this. Add a new block or add a feature to the wireless block. If there is an adjacent wireless block on a different entity. It should send events to...
    20. nightrune

      Read by Council Sitting

      I'd just like to sit on any angled block. Even with chairs coming it would still be nice to just sit, especially on slabs as well. EDIT: This is pressing "T" on an object