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    1. Markus_McCloud

      Fleet / Armada Porn

      It has been FAR too long since I last posted! Hey everyone! Markus_McCloud here. I just wanted to make this thread to see if anyone has any good screenshots of your ships in formation! Whether it's a flagship with escorts or a proper space armada, please show off your fantastic ships in...
    2. Markus_McCloud

      Sky-Box Request: Sectors X, Y, and Z from Star Fox 64

      This is exactly what it sounds like: I really want the sky textures from Star Fox 64's three nebulae (Sector X, Sector Y, and Sector Z) each as a StarMade skybox.
    3. Markus_McCloud

      A New Default Ship for the Power Update, Please?

      It's me again, Markus_McCloud! This is just a suggestion to Schine: since there is a new power system coming out, how about a new version of the default Isanth ship? ("Isanth Neo", maybe?) EDIT: Better yet, what's the current update queue? Is the new planets coming first? Crews? Fauna? More...
    4. Markus_McCloud

      Candidates for the "Final Boss of StarMade"

      I know it's been awhile, but I'm back for now! This time, I have a pretty basic question for you: Of all the ships on the dock, which ones do you think would pass as "final boss" material? (Yes, I know that SM doesn't have bosses) Both ships and space stations are allowed as candidates. My only...
    5. Markus_McCloud

      More Generated Planet Structures

      You know, I've seen a few randomly generated cities on a couple planets. As empty and oddly generated as they were (at least half of the buildings were missing their roofs), I thought they were really cool. For once, I didn't feel so alone in the universe! Why stop at cities, though? Why not...
    6. Markus_McCloud

      Astronaut Gear: The forgotten ones!

      Hey, everyone! Markus_McCloud once again! So I've seen countless threads commenting about additional Astronaut Mode equipment. You know the ones: "We need jet-packs!" "We want more guns!" "We need to improve helmets!" Yada yada yada... There is some gear that I've yet to see mentioned...
    7. Markus_McCloud

      Basic poll: "Starmade" or "StarMade"?

      This is just a simple poll question: How do you capitalize "StarMade"? I'm frankly just curious if I'm the only one who spells it like that, or if others capitalize the M too.
    8. Markus_McCloud

      Any plans for FTL's Rebel Flagship?

      Yup, it's me again. So I've been playing a whole lot of FTL: Faster Than Light. I've played countless games, hoping that just ONCE, I'll be able to make it to the Last Stand. Each time, however, I've failed one way or another. Hell, in a particularly unlucky run, I jumped straight into an...
    9. Markus_McCloud

      Bug "Upload Image" button missing?

      Markus_McCloud here. I'm having a strange issue with the Dock... I can't seem to upload images! The only two buttons at the bottom of this page is "Create Thread" and "Preview...". The "Upload Image" button is completely gone! I can still upload images via URL, like this test image of a tabby...
    10. Markus_McCloud

      Low Framerate Even at 16GB?

      For some reason, my new laptop isn't running StarMade very well. It's a fairly powerful PC, having 16GBs of RAM, but for some reason, the framerate rarely exceeds 40 FPS and often tanks as low as single digits. I dialed back the settings (lowered render distance, texture pack set at 64x64...
    11. Markus_McCloud

      The Station Alternative to overheating: MELTDOWN

      Markus_McCloud once again. So I've read this thread and thought a bit about Pirate space stations. They may be fun to destroy as well as a good way to beta-test a starship before releasing it to the Dock, but there's not much of a reward for those who actively seek and destroy them. Sure, the...
    12. Markus_McCloud

      About the Proposed "Fix" to the Power System...

      Schine, I have just one thing to say about your new power system... I don't care if you do implement it. Go right ahead and add it. I'm sure others would enjoy it. However... DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE REMOVE OR BRICK THE CURRENT POWER SYSTEM. I know I'm gonna get backlash for this, but I had to...
    13. Markus_McCloud

      Rune-like Alphabet (FREE TO USE)

      Markus_McCloud here! I just wanted to share my glyph alphabet with all you guys! It's mostly a cipher alphabet, but it has a few rules: Instead of indenting, the "Pgph." symbol is placed at the start of a paragraph. Same with the "Caps". Place it before a letter to signify it's a capital...
    14. Markus_McCloud

      Bootleg Ships Thread

      Hiya, everyone! It's-a me, Harry Potter Obama Markus 10! As JonTron once elegantly put it, "With every big fish, there's a leech on the belly!" Counterfeit goods are sold at flea markets, shady stores, and secondhand goods websites everywhere. Some people actively seek out and collect these...
    15. Markus_McCloud

      Consumable health/buff items

      Markus_McCloud again... Uggghhh... Damn insomnia. My sleep schedule is all over the place... Anyways, I've seen dozens of posts about consumables such as food as well as a debate as to whether or not Schine should implement survival gimmicks such as hunger. Now, I'm just here to add my two...
    16. Markus_McCloud

      Best Missile Circus you've seen in-game?

      Markus_McCloud here. A Macross Missile Massacre (or Itano Circus) is defined by TVTropes as "A tactic wherein a military vehicle or craft [...] launches a massive salvo of missiles at a target (sometimes more missiles than you'd think the craft would be able to hold)." My question is, what's...
    17. Markus_McCloud

      Ideal Joy2Key setup for StarMade (using PS4 controller)?

      Markus here. I recently broke my wireless mouse and have to resort to using a PS4 controller. The in-game joystick config isn't working right, so I'm using Joy2Key instead. What setup would you suggest I try?
    18. Markus_McCloud

      Logo Dilemma: UGPD needs a nice logo!

      Hello, internet. Markus here. I'm in a minor dilemma here: I've already made a faction, but I'd like an accompanying logo to decorate their bases. All I could come up with is this bland MS Paint job: Can anyone do something better, something that seems more symbolic of law enforcement (and if...
    19. Markus_McCloud

      "Community Content"-Only search

      Hello, everyone. Markus again, this time with a big gripe of mine: when I use the search function, it searches the whole website. Why is this so bad? If you're looking for a ship or station you saw before, you'll naturally want to return to it to download it or give your review. Naturally...
    20. Markus_McCloud

      Field Test results: Fighter Variants

      So have you determined which ones you liked? If you have no clue what I'm talking about, click here: FIELD TEST: Police Fighter Variants