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    1. ProfDriftwood

      How to preventing repeating signals

      Hello, I made a harpoon the other day that uses an area trigger to know when to activate a door. What I wanted was for the area trigger to turn the door on, but for repeat signals from the area trigger to do nothing, such that it would stay turned on until a signal from a different source came...
    2. ProfDriftwood

      Is it possible to translate a direction into a logic signal?

      I was wanting to increase the sophistication of the animation on MS-06c Zaku II (Type C: Early Production Type) I'd like to be able vector the legs based on the current flight direction. Is there any way to translate your direction of acceleration into a logic signal?
    3. ProfDriftwood

      Zeonic Industries by ProfDriftwood

      This thread exists both to list the Gundam Themed resources I have contributed and to document the development of new ones. Note that these are all based on the cannon names of different Zaku Models, and only conveniently fit my plans perfectly. That is to say, virtually every part that changes...
    4. ProfDriftwood

      Big Zaku Project

      Hello, I'm sorta new to the game and I'm working on a mech, because starmade needs more mecha. Right now it's just a shell and some basic systems, because like everyone else I'm holding off until the new power system goes live to deal with that. All the same, there's tons of work to be done in...
    5. ProfDriftwood

      Rotation based on turret position

      I'm trying to do something, I'm not sure if it's possible. Basically, I'm trying to make a turret that can utilize extra Axes. The idea is that I would build a turret onto a platform that can itself rotate with 2 axes. The catch is the platform that hold the turret also limits the area it can...