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      Hi. I'm 12 years old and I'm sick of being called a "noob" just because of my age. I've heard many people refer 11-12 year olds as "stupid noobs who are nothing other than annoying" Honestly revealing my age when joining a faction often gets me rejected since they think I might mess up they're...
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      3 Merged Ships!!!!!!!! with 3 cores!!!!!!!! 3 ships merged together and causing extreme lag with 3 cores and 2 fac mods on 1 ship! last pic-the one whole merged ship but with 3 cores (notice the nav symbols are not on the 2 other cores) the other pics are to...
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      EOFExeption/Socket Exeption

      Ive been having this bug for a week now, has it been fixed yet? on most servers i go on for a while then either get socket exeption or EOFExeption and cant log back in that server. ive tried all servers! can someone help me?