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      Crew Lua Scripting

      Would be nice... Better AI would be great too..
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      Engineer's Funbox

      Seems.. offline?
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      Nova Fleet Dynamics Build Server- Build, Play, Explore! [Whitelist]

      IGN- steathinator9837 Why you want to join the server- To build. And to build more. And not to be lonely. Example of your work- Your favorite type of cake- Dark Chocolate Cake! :D
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      Sorry could be a dupe, lots of stuff on GUI lowers fps dramatically

      Huh. Try that on a Titan. You will crash.
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      Some general Starmade questions

      For cloakers you only need 1 block per ship but it takes up a massive amount of power depending on the mass of the ship if you need all the available admin commands for your server google \"starmade admin commands\" it works for me :) as for the others I\'m not so sure-good luck
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      And the reason I made my first post so nitpick-proof is because I don\'t want some troll to point it out and yell you\'re a noob you\'re a noob!
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      :P not telling people your age has worked for me on minecraft-I went on a new server with not many people when I was 9 then 2 years later, when I\'m 11 I ask my friends \"how old do you think I am?\" They say 16-17 o_o I\'m surprised. anyway in a few months or so I\'ll definitely have evidence...
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      Hi. I'm 12 years old and I'm sick of being called a "noob" just because of my age. I've heard many people refer 11-12 year olds as "stupid noobs who are nothing other than annoying" Honestly revealing my age when joining a faction often gets me rejected since they think I might mess up they're...
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      3 Merged Ships!!!!!!!! with 3 cores!!!!!!!!

      more pics the actual ship\'s core a merged core another merged core merged fac module real fac mod sorry if these images suck its my first timee uploading stuff (my keyboard is stilllll kinda stuffed up)
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      3 Merged Ships!!!!!!!! with 3 cores!!!!!!!!

      sorry guyyyyys that link doent work and my keyboard is stuffing up
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      3 Merged Ships!!!!!!!! with 3 cores!!!!!!!! 3 ships merged together and causing extreme lag with 3 cores and 2 fac mods on 1 ship! last pic-the one whole merged ship but with 3 cores (notice the nav symbols are not on the 2 other cores) the other pics are to...
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      Faction Balls.

      Steat lub fac bals keep mak more :)
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      Space cows SUK I like eating steak and beef stew =) om nom nom
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      Charon - a WIP titan (UPDATE #4.1)

      =P black/grey hull is easy to get early ingame just find 5 stations, mine all their hull and make a few recpies then make a factory and make more black/grey hull Anyway good job
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      Connected Textures

      Ummm it is kinda different since the glass in the first pic are glass panes and the second pic are glass blocks. Btw the pigs in the background are cute. I like pigs.
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      star drift server[open]

      May I sign up for admin? Here\'s my app IGN:steathinator9837 Faction:Classified Previous bans:None :) Anything else:I live in The Southern Hemisphere so I can monitor people in that time zone. Experience in starmade:8 months Leadership skills:Always fair and friendy Building skills:7/10...
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      Supplementary Inventory System

      I\'d rather clutter up my inventory instead of converting my stuff for a cost into mass and then reconvert ing the mass into blocks for more costs
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      Lazarus Imperium- Fidem et Regimine : Faith and Government (now accepting public applicants, apply t

      btw can you give me a list of the servers you go on and which server is your main base?
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      Lazarus Imperium- Fidem et Regimine : Faith and Government (now accepting public applicants, apply t

      IGN:steathinator9837 Requested Class:Engineers Why i want to join: To have fun! Info: I am a 1 man member of a tiny shipbuilding company with 4 fighters 1 heavy fighter 1 corvette 1 frigate 2 cruisers 1 dropship and a flagship(under production)