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    1. Comr4de

      How do you balance a cheater? With a ban hammer.

      What does meta mean to you? Anyone can bring this ship in on a server, anyone can replicate these design principles. The whole point of quickfire is to fix things like this. You’re complaining that someone built the most effective ship possible under the current game config. It isn’t cheating...
    2. Comr4de

      Pixel: under construction

      Just a heads up kupu, for some reason this mod prevents you from linking multiple weapons computers to the ship core. No such issue in straight vanilla starmade.
    3. Comr4de

      Lets make a SM slang guide - I will start =)

      This is accurate
    4. Comr4de

      Rogue Shadows

      Good, subtle roast
    5. Comr4de

      Is 2.0 power optimization actually meta?

      Ok, since you haven't figured it out yet I'll help you. If you have a ship with over 10m Shield regen/sec max out the shield low damage hotspot, max out shield capacity, then add capacity blocks until you hit 70-80m. Congratulations, you are now invincible. Make a b/m/(effect of your choice, i...
    6. Comr4de

      Is 2.0 power optimization actually meta?

      I think the issue is that new power limits play style more than it diversifies it. I've yet to see a true counterpoint from anyone as to why power 2.0 doomsticks are bad. It almost always devolves into name calling and sycophancy for schine. Shit like XBB and B/M output spam were EASY FINDS. It...
    7. Comr4de

      Bug So the game runs flawless until someone pulls a trigger

      Turrets use collision checks to determine howfar they can turn. The reason ai controlled turrets tend to gimbal their shots is to reduce the number of collision calcs necessary. From what I can tell you are using a fairly large amount of turrets with manual control mode. Manual control does...
    8. Comr4de

      An Urgent Message to Schine

      What is this alex jones conspiracy theory crap? Get out of here. Unless you're going to name names you're stirring shit for the sake of it. Just a friendly reminder that this is an irreversible issue that the game will have when it comes time to market to this theoretical "actual audience"...
    9. Comr4de

      An Urgent Message to Schine

      The galaxy felt a lot more populated... may have been because lack of FTL meant everyone had to slowboat aroubd.
    10. Comr4de

      An Urgent Message to Schine

      Viewing your playerbase with such disdain usually doesn’t get you far. Furthermore OP has an excellent point in that even if the game does improve it’s still going to have that “mixed” review rating on Steam and almost everyone I know will give the game a hard pass on that basis alone. Not...
    11. Comr4de

      Quality of Life stuff 8.2018

      Thats just indicative of the overpowered state of damage beam. Why bother using anything else when you can just hit a target once and have a beam stick to it? In theory damage falloff sounds great but 40% of a 100m damage beam is still 40m damage. The main issue is that speed tanks are able to...
    12. Comr4de

      Quality of Life stuff 8.2018

      I think the big difference here is that those other damage types have counters. In this current build speedy boats have no feasible counter, with tractor beams having only the range of minimum damage falloff for damage beams. It doesn't need to be removed but there needs to be some sort of...
    13. Comr4de

      [Resolved] Missing chunks & dual reactors

      RE: dual reactors - reactors aren't that strong, all things considered. It's easier, and FASTER to just hotswap between chambers on a single reactor. The only downside here is that for every chamber swapped it'll reset the reload/recharge of weapons and systems. On the other hand, making a...
    14. Comr4de

      Arstotzkan Federation

    15. Comr4de

      Remove Stabilizers

      All of this has happened before, and none of it will actually happen. Why do ships need to be empty? You're all about trying to remove design constraints but you hard code one into the update
    16. Comr4de

      Prerelease v0.200.250

      If reactors are manually activated, how do AI use them? Or is it like aux where the first reactor you put down is automatically on?
    17. Comr4de

      Light Vs Dark News

      Zyrr just wanted ot let you know about the musakas in the above post
    18. Comr4de

      Big Zaku Project

      Oh man, what i would give for that cylinder
    19. Comr4de

      NASSZONE Starmade Servers

      Been gone a few months Come play on light vs dark :)
    20. Comr4de

      Battlestar Galactica - Sment Request

      I have this BP at home as a .sment, I'll upload tonight