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    1. Shaker

      StarMade - PvP & PvE balance, Perspective & Direction

      The complexity of building is what killed the game for me when systems 2.0 came out, it was more fun in an arcade style instead of space engineers number smashing
    2. Shaker

      Worth it to Return?

    3. Shaker


      Yes do it, so you can burn out half way by wedgetosis
    4. Shaker

      Suggestion Disagree button

      maybe remove the list button next to the emotes aswell
    5. Shaker

      Remove Stabilizers

      completely agree
    6. Shaker

      Bring Back Weekly/Bi-Weekly Dev Blogs

      Scanners are based off mass, if you want to dejam a 50,000 mass ship you need 5000 scanner modules 1 block vs 5000, only gets worse the bigger the ship, current settings pretty much garantee never getting unjammed
    7. Shaker

      Motivation and Creativity

      Build smaller, be part of a community while building or even as a faction. I wouldnt have lasted this long without all the aussies on my server
    8. Shaker

      StarMade v0.199.654 - Exploit fixes

      Astronaut location
    9. Shaker

      make EMP great (again?) Lets make it more sophisticated!

      With chambers it might even be a secondary effect. When reactors come out, EMP will be forced to change anyways as we lose the power bar
    10. Shaker

      make EMP great (again?) Lets make it more sophisticated!

      With no power you cant fire your thrusters
    11. Shaker

      pics ?

      pics ?
    12. Shaker

      Server hosts for ~20 players peak and prices

      Not sure on starmade australias GB rate, players we get 5-15 during weekdays and weekends around 10-20
    13. Shaker

      Starmade - Australia

      Hi kiwi, we have updated our server hosting since the above post, we now have a dedicated server in sydney. Unsure on the specs but alot better than the above
    14. Shaker

      StarMade Devblog - Endgame Document Pt. 3

      Maybe when the faction overhaul updates comes out we might see proper alliances, the ability to surrender or capitulate instead of flat out getting wreaked. I do see where your coming from, alot of games have this same problem. Apart from that, your in a multiplayer game, you have to expect the...
    15. Shaker

      StarMade Devblog - Endgame Document Pt. 3

      all you did was repeat what i said, so not sure how its opposite...\ Across the Aussie servers, factions with 3+ players have lasted longer ingame than the vast majority of solo player factions. was my main point i was trying to get across. i do agree that unfactioned players grouping up should...
    16. Shaker

      StarMade Devblog - Endgame Document Pt. 3

      Need some incentive to group up, more faction abilities, grouped up players play for longer Its all good to automate everything, but solo factions never last long
    17. Shaker

      Power Efficiency for Dummies

      Someones aiming at a mentor badge
    18. Shaker

      #CRISSBAIT increase the variety of the universe

      Criss already has alot of work to do, like hiding from his personal thread. Seems to be the going joke about him in the news page
    19. Shaker

      New Forum Rank: Mentor

      If no one is on your server, and you dont want to look dumb, someone else might have asked it before you. if you just want to look at blanket questions, could also be a place to learn tips and place tutorials. Currently we have to direct players to youtube and watch vids, giving them a list to...
    20. Shaker

      New Forum Rank: Mentor

      Maybe we need a section of the forum for player questions? Unless its just to be thrown in general discussion, so far the questions ive seen have been ingame or on a discord channel.