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    1. Shaker

      Starmade - Australia

      Server Location: Sydney, Australia Website: StarMade Australia Under Construction Discord: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Twitter: Surge (@Starmade_AU) | Twitter Patreon: Starmade Australia is creating an Australian Starmade Server | Patreon A new Australian server! Looking to...
    2. Shaker

      More dev blogs /progress updates

      The boards are getting very quiet, the only threads that get some action are the stupid suggestions that bring up the PvP vs RP debate. Could we get small dev updates, like 1 a week of whats up, or even pics of a random ship saber smashed up, anything?!?
    3. Shaker

      Hiding homebase co-ords in faction list

      Hiding/removing the factions homebase location in the faction list, why you ask, easy, to get players scouting/exploring. System ownership is still shown on map Admins can still see the HB location
    4. Shaker

      Hints to what the next update is?

      So with the last couple of updates being new blocks and bugfixes, what is everyone hoping the next update will contain? Myself, im hoping for the faction abilities to be expanded. Or maybe Criss Bench Saber or someone could gives the community some hints to what the near future holds for SM
    5. Shaker

      Server problems with NPC factions

      Hi guys, Currently having huge lag spikes ingame when the NPC factions have their "turn". Most players havent bothered with them so they are left unchecked and they have roughly 1200 entities according to the backend info. Is their anyway to scale back their expansion? Or stopping them from...
    6. Shaker

      Block stat difference between station/ship

      Looking for ideas to give more incentive to building outside of homebase protection, 1 idea is changing the stat values of blocks so stations would have a higher shield/power rating vs a ship of the same size. This would give stations a feeling of worth/fear as they are current just non moving...
    7. Shaker

      Getting a server to build outside of homebase protection

      Has any server managed to convince players to build any outposts/warpgates that dont have homebase protection? We currently have a small amount, maybe a gate between 2 systems but no faction has branched out to making outposts/gun platforms or huge warpgate networks. I understand the risk of...
    8. Shaker

      Tracker cannon

      A weapon that fires a non damaging entity at an unshielded ship. the tracker then displays on the galaxy map just like fleets do. To remove the tracker from the block an astrotech beam must be used Thoughts?
    9. Shaker

      The expanding on factions thread

      With the upcoming "expand on some faction abilities" being worked on in the upcoming months, what are we all looking forward to? Personally im waiting for a reason to capture other systems besides mining bonus, and something to spend faction points on like making additional stations...
    10. Shaker

      What is the Avg block count for ships

      As the thread name implies, what is the Avg or max block counts your server or personal playstyle do you limit yourself to? My servers limit is currently 7million blocks but personally i stick to 1million max due to the games performance and the ships maneuverability
    11. Shaker

      Shaker Construction

      throwing my ships online, let me know what you think and how i could improve on the hulls first up, banshee class cruiser L: 188m H: 39 W: 81 currently 1.4million e/sec
    12. Shaker

      Refinery/Extractor Block for planets

      With the update to asteroids, now making them big enough that players no longer need to burn out all the planets. planets could house a new block type that extracts minerals or a new mineral out of the core. the closer to the core the more effective it is, it could also uses up the cores HP if...
    13. Shaker

      Read by Council Upcoming heat block and sun damage

      After a heated discussion in the news thread (pun intended). It seems that a fair group of us have different ideas of what should be implemented. Feel free to post your own idea or adding onto someone elses, just please stay on the topic above. My idea: Sun - remove explodey, give it hull melt...
    14. Shaker

      Read by Council Council forwarding suggestions from devs

      Are council able to forward ideas from the dev team, for instance get the guys here in suggestions expanding ideas on the captains chair, as this can aid in development of whats to come instead of just what we have.