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    1. Dark Pip

      What will be added in the Universe Update?

      Title. Anyone know what the will be added in the Universe Update?
    2. Dark Pip

      Good Damage Output?

      I have a 1k mass patrol corvette that currently has a 1.6 million damage nuke and a quad 5k damage cannon with cannon/cannon/punch through. Is this a good damage output for a craft it's size? Should I improve the weapons but sacrifice shielding and thrust?
    3. Dark Pip

      What is a good damage output?

      Title. What is a good damage output for a 1k mass patrol corvette? It currently does 2k (8x rapid fire missiles), which is complimented by the turret, which does 1.2k damage.
    4. Dark Pip

      Ship upload

      If I upload a ship to this website, do I lose the blueprint for it in my world or do I still have it?
    5. Dark Pip

      Power blocks

      Do you need both power reactors and power capacitors for a succesful ship? I had tons of power reactors but no capacitors and I could perma jam, but I couldn't fire both missiles at once on my ship. After I added on some power capacitors I could fire both missiles at once, but I couldn't perma...