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    1. WarSong

      there we go! one chonkly reddit critter <3 hoihoi!

      there we go! one chonkly reddit critter <3 hoihoi!
    2. WarSong

      Oof forgot to change my avatar here. Whoopsie so clutzy ;3

      Oof forgot to change my avatar here. Whoopsie so clutzy ;3
    3. WarSong

      Introduction thread!

      Aww are you worried? Don't be <3
    4. WarSong

      Introduction thread!

      YVW Bye;
    5. WarSong

      Introduction thread!

      Since you all "The Better Idea Squad", you tell me. Or don't. That'd work for me <3. Nah.
    6. WarSong

      Introduction thread!

      Hi there! I'm the messenger. I enjoy memes, people with well developed... senses of humor, long walks down tig biddy coth ghicks and not getting shot when I deliver bad news :3 I dunno what to tell you. If I'd known you'd have taken the news so badly I'd have added some form of lubrication. -_^...
    7. WarSong

      Introduction thread!

      WB! :3 There's alotta new stuff that underwent a couple revamps so some of the info you find might be slightly out of date. You might need to consult some of the resources in the Discord chat.
    8. WarSong

      You're still here? You need a hobby.

      You're still here? You need a hobby.
    9. WarSong

      Wow, I missed alot over the years

      Well the demo is still free and still the most recent build. So no risk really. There's more happening within the universe than ever before and optimizations are making the 'living' universe features and sectors loading play nicer. The changes to weapons, power and shielding might be off putting...
    10. WarSong

      Power Chamber Rework

      I honestly like this idea. The chambers that go unused or under used is too damn high.
    11. WarSong

      Ideas on the Role of Crew

      omfg i can't breath i'd make parts of my ship that just kill crewers just for lols
    12. WarSong

      Ideas on the Role of Crew

      i've always wanted some ragdoll action in starmade. a pilot getting ejected from the core and spinning around disoriented and possibly dead or dying from the uncontrolled spin is comedy gold.
    13. WarSong

      Hykqin Federation

      aye. but i thought it was worth seeing who jumped in. maybe join up. it'd be nice to just be a player character and not the friggin DM.
    14. WarSong

      Hykqin Federation

      you're never so subtle. you'd say it outright for maximum impact. there's literally pages of evidence on this forum alone.
    15. WarSong

      Hykqin Federation

      nope. just looks like you're posting to be seen in a thread meant for an RP sign up.
    16. WarSong

      Hykqin Federation

      so you're not joining?
    17. WarSong

      Introduction thread!

      good luck with the new machine. i hope to see some of your designs in the community content sometime :3
    18. WarSong

      An apology

      ok, now that's funny. everyone knows no one returns from the schine gulag X3 its things like this that make every day a gift
    19. WarSong

      Brainstorming Basic Creatures and Flora for the Future.

      I need a big -fuck off- cat-like combat pet. Even if I have to breed one through mating. I just need something to keep all these crabs and spiders the hell away. I'll take a dog or wolf thing even. Anything that keeps the wild life at bay and can terrorize crews when I start boarding their...
    20. WarSong

      Remove Orbiting Spawn Camera

      For a very long time now we needed the spawn camera to help preload chunks. Do we still need this? It seems like needed chunks for spawning are preloaded now using another method and all the orbital camera does is make load times much longer near planets and large stations. In an extreme...