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    1. testkil

      Placing race gates on ships.

      why not making something that when you power up the race computer thing it locks your ship in place?(like a station) and for it be able to move again you need to desactivate the computer
    2. testkil

      U.S.S. Paixoriot [Modified Emissary Class] - Transporter update

      Added transporter on the ship.
    3. testkil

      Kupu's thread

      first one is probably the side of the teleporter
    4. testkil

      Docking Computer

      problem would be pathfinding
    5. testkil

      [SOLVED] Game won't start with 64 bit

      I have that version on windows 10, game works
    6. testkil

      [SOLVED] Game won't start with 64 bit

      well i don't know downloading java 64 bits should do the trick (i also have windows 10 thats not the prob)
    7. testkil


      next time i'll use cubes
    8. testkil

      U.S.S. Paixoriot [Modified Emissary Class] 1.5

      U.S.S. Paixoriot Class: Emisarry(m) Register n°: NCC-419(not enough space ^^) This is only the hull of the ship with a basic interior it includes a nice modified sas door, red alert mode, jump drive, inhibitor, computer room, 1 shuttle, and 4 escape pods/cargo ship now the pictures :D ...
    9. testkil

      Read by Schine Polish the game.

      no good looking thruster animation ever in the game :'(?
    10. testkil

      Kupu's thread

      Guess we'll wait untill 128 gb of ddr4 is default on laptops... Also kupu do you ever plan to make those block animation gifs longer (as option)? to make air vents,reactors, shields, run smoother?
    11. testkil

      Kupu's thread

      i have to admit ... that smaller scale thing made me ragequit after i had 10 fps on my 200m ship ^^
    12. testkil

      Kupu's thread

      whats the problem with adding every possible color in the game? its the same block each time just with another color (i think we can change those blocks into another color with photoshop instantly)
    13. testkil

      Exit to Launcher Option

      or exit to main menu :P (this will never happen) (they're making a new launcher) also its prob going to be added with the new one
    14. testkil

      Approx 9 million power generation in approx 70,200 cubes

      It are called generators allot of people use them, put powersupply beams with cannon support on them and make them shoot your ship (use clocks to make them shoot by themself
    15. testkil


      Hello, i present to you my variation for the USD Type-01 dock you will need a second door behind the lockdown activation block. It is compatible with the lockdown block, if docked both doors will open, if you activate lockdown even if docked one door will close. in non 'locked' mode one door...
    16. testkil

      Why are you black?

      Why are you black?
    17. testkil

      how can you have 88 neutral ratings? they're desactivated

      how can you have 88 neutral ratings? they're desactivated
    18. testkil

      Question about something schema said

      good bye people happy to have known you i was right ... i was...
    19. testkil

      Question about something schema said

      On twitchcon schema sayd why the game is free in alpha => because of the bad reputation of EA games but when starmade started EA's didn't have bad reputation? he is hiding something something we may not know but what? damn 'lluminati