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      I'm loving the new shield system. But I have one frustration with it. If I want to put say 3 strategic shields I have a limit of where I can put them/size. As once they overlap they turn off the other one, or take its capacity. As shield orbs start with huge growth this is very limiting for...
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      New "Game Server" Oceanic

      Hi, Id like to just let everyone know about my server. Its a Oceanic server, and still needing upgrades as I learn just how intensive this game server can be. The main reason i've made a server, Is because starmade seems to lack the "Game" of most games. Design is...
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      Something I find incredibly frustrating in starmade is planets. By comparison to ships they are tiny, however they kill servers and computers. I can't help thinking "planets" from a Minecraft perspective can be viewed and severed with far less hardware requirements.. I suggest planets are...