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    1. MilitantCollective

      Ares Initiative - Fog of War: Starmade's Version of X4 and Elite Dangerous

      The Ares Initiative is a group of server owners and PvPers that want to see starmade thrive with more strategic and comprehensive gameplay. Our plan is to combine elements of X4, Elite Dangerous, and Star Citizen to create the ultimate server configurations and provide the starmade community the...
    2. MilitantCollective

      Beam Width - Please?!

      So we can change the missiles and cannon projectile size, however the elusive beam "Projectile" size is hiding or missing. Please add so we can make gigantic death beams of doom like this.
    3. MilitantCollective

      Hotkey Activation Block [logic]

      A logic block that can have keys assigned to it which allows it to activate on key press. Example: I assigned the W key to this block. So everytime I press the forward key it will activate the logic. This would allow the creation of moving ship parts when people take off, land, fire a weapon...
    4. MilitantCollective

      The sounds of silence

      We've seen threads about new blocks for sounds, threads about needing updates for sounds, a block that emits sound for this reason. Yet none of them solve the real issue. Diversity in sounds of space. My suggestion is rather than going through each block and adding sounds. Create a drop down...
    5. MilitantCollective

      Condition/Action Rulesets Thread

      So in an effort to streamline the process for Schema to add conditions/actions rather than us spamming up his inbox. Im going to create this thread to allow us to suggest additions to the lists. Just upvote the ones you all like.