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    1. PriZm

      Shields in 0.201 Release

      So, i think I'm not telling sth new by reporting the bugs concerning shields in this release. The issues are: - Damage glitching through shields (mostly AI ships penetrate the shield for whatever reason) - Shield Regen doesnt stop under fire making for ridiculously tanky shields especially on...
    2. PriZm

      Bug NPC spawn bug with power 2.0

      On Brierie server there are some awesome power 2.0 NPC pirate ships that OmegaGame built. But unfortunatly there is a problem. The AI ships seem to always spawn with 0% shields (they don't even start charging) and 0% armor HP.
    3. PriZm

      Another small bug concerning chambers and ship mass

      I found a new bug while constructing ships and trying to balance mass and thrust/energy cost of stuff. It seems that inactive chamber have MUCH less mass than active ones. I had my thrust mass ratio at 2.5 on one of my builds, but after i activated the chambers i wanted to use, the mass went up...
    4. PriZm

      Bug 2 smaller bugs i encountered

      Im not sure if those bugs were already reported: while fiighting some pirates on brierie server, ive encountered some bugs: 1. Ships stop overheating once you leave the sector (guess it happens when the sector is not loaded anymore) and you return a bit later for example with a miner to...
    5. PriZm

      New lock-on missile bug?

      i just came back to starmade to have a look at the latest build. After playing for i while i found a new bug. Very often my lock-on missiles (missile/beam) fly into completely different directions than where the target is. This basically renders a whole weapon system close to useless. Anyone...