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    1. baclodrifr

      Make Stations Great Again

      I was once an aspiring Starmadian pilot, thinking that one day I could build my own massive stations that could hold off any ship. Boy did that idea die fast. I haven't played starmade in over 2 months, so im sorry for incorrect or outdated information, but maybe, if the game gets fixed, i might...
    2. baclodrifr

      An Update To Minefields

      Current mines: The only way to make minefields, as of now with the current mechanics, is to either, make a single entity with random blocks of warheads spread throughout a sector, because a block does not have to be directly connected to the core to be counted as part of the ship. Or you could...
    3. baclodrifr

      Salvage Turrets

      Yes, this is what it sounds like. The basic idea of a "salvage turret" is a docked entity that fires salvage beams at the nearest sources of minerals. A new option could be added into the Bobby AI as well. When you select the turret option a couple boxes show up to select either a normal turret...
    4. baclodrifr

      The Greek Legion (disbanded)

      The Greek Legion Is now disbanded. I have joined The New Roman Empire and am no longer independent. My allies, values, and colors will stay the same. Look to the New Roman Empire's recruitment page for more