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      yo it's matrix contact me on hyper core if you get a chance

      yo it's matrix contact me on hyper core if you get a chance
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      Remove items from shops

      ok found it under modding there is a block editor that you can change inshop to false now the question is i can change this on my local machine and then FTP to the server but I don't know what file is changed any ideas?
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      Remove items from shops

      but there is no way to get money with out shops to sell to for the cost of a starbase most people want starbase over planet base and the issues with planets and large ships i prefer them to use starbases. so probelm is how to pay for it i could give them 2billion to start but the new patch has...
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      Remove items from shops

      I know this can be done just have not found any information about how to. concept survival server I was just going to remove all shops with SHOP_SPAWNING_PROBABILITY = 0.08 //(must be between 0 and 1): 0 is no shops spawned in asteroid sectors, 1 is shop spawned in everyone (default: 8% ->...
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      Ships log\exploration log

      would like to see a way to target a planet, star base, or shop and have the sector cords be logged in. from there a second interface to search pull down to select category shop, planet or star base. to sort and get a list. also a button to show the nearest one to you. lastly like to see the a...
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      Star Made SG (30 slots 150speed PVP)

      Star Made SG is an adult owned and administrated server. We invite you to come play But, we expect you to act like an adult. Trolls will be banned Exploiters will be banned Dropping F Bombs in public chat you will be temp banned \perm banned Yeah I tossed the negative out first let's get it...