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    1. Captain Skwidz

      AMD Radeon and Starmade weirdness

      I have a problem with Starmade and rendering with my AMD dGPU: The textures rip and shift while moving and viewing things at a distance in all view modes (astronaut, build mode). The pipes in the big blue part of the structure aren't supposed to show through the layer of ice like that. I'm...
    2. Captain Skwidz

      Measuring tool

      The building area box in advanced build mode (the placement box which can be scaled with those x/y/z sliders) works as a measuring tool but requires tweaking and is annoying to use as a measuring tool so a "dedicated" measuring tool would be useful. The tool could use those selection boxes which...
    3. Captain Skwidz

      A way to make multi-reactor setups possible

      Ships with one reactor can be destroyed quickly if the enemy knows where to attack. A reactor failsafe chamber can fix this by switching to another reactor but it's still a single reactor and a single location to attack which could also have been destroyed earlier while the enemy was trying to...
    4. Captain Skwidz

      Space Probes and A Possible Use For Stations

      The first half of my suggestion is unmanned space probes which can be equipped with long-range sensors (seems like it'll be recon chambers) to detect and pinpoint the location of ships. To make the probe unmanned/remote control it can be given a Bobby AI module with some remote control...
    5. Captain Skwidz

      Shield Bubbles, Integrity Fields, Shield Frequencies, and Weapons

      In thread Reviewing StarMade bubble shields were mentioned in post #19 and JinM asked if either a bubble or a surface shield would be better. This question was answered and later I posted some details about possible shielding mechanics in post #27. Here's are some suggestions I want to refine...
    6. Captain Skwidz

      Misc. Improvement Ideas

      Here's a list of minor (or not so much) improvements. 1. Allow linking multiple nodes to one for better fork redirection. It's annoying how a fork cuts into an interior or is more vulnerable without moving the end node into a potentially annoying position. It looks like multiple node groups can...
    7. Captain Skwidz

      Reactor mechanics redesign ideas

      TL;DR nutshell index table of contents thingy: • Change stabilizers to make more sense • Replace the current stabilizer system with a bonus power supply (basically copy paste the original mechanics and change both differently) • Different bonus power supply methods • Chamber ideas •...
    8. Captain Skwidz

      Choose to turn off power supply feed for stations

      It's annoying when you dock your ship to your station but you find out your ship's reactor is larger than your station's reactor. I think there should be options to turn off power supply to certain docked entities or all of them. That could also help when your ship is damaged and can't supply...
    9. Captain Skwidz

      Crew don't like long road trips

      I tried to transport crew from the advanced shop in the starting sector to my base in one of the outer arms of the local galaxy. On my way from the shop, the crew member glitched through my ship and despawned. I went back for him, but he didn't respawn and the npc stats in the fleet and crew...
    10. Captain Skwidz

      Power Transfer Blocks

      Old news, the ability to use docked reactors has been disabled. Transferring power between docked entities can be useful especially with modular ships. Why not make a block that sends power to another identical block on a different entity set on a specific channel like wireless blocks? That way...
    11. Captain Skwidz

      Npc ships no cargo

      I have successfully taken over an npc cargo ship and changed its faction. When I go to its cargo hold, there's nothing in the storage. I noticed in some Yotube videos of older versions of Starmade that there was loot in the cargo after the recorder steels the ship and checks the storage. Was...
    12. Captain Skwidz

      Framebuffer Issues

      I have the same issue as reported at Framebuffer, but I have Intel graphics and I have the latest version of the drivers. When I disable framebuffer, I get around 130 fps and entities don't turn blue when in front of a light source, but I don't get the shiny thruster plumes. :/ When I enable...
    13. Captain Skwidz


      How are they used other than inventory slot fillers?
    14. Captain Skwidz

      Asteroids and planets

      What would happen if the collision setting was turned on and an asteroid hit a planet? Could that destroy the planet? I tried to do it but I couldn't get the asteroid to move very fast and I'm not going to sit and wait a whole hour or so for the rock to hit.
    15. Captain Skwidz

      Administrator "mode"

      How I disable the administrator controls such as the "admin warp" button and the ability to enter any ship core in a local universe? Removing myself from the admin list doesn't work.
    16. Captain Skwidz

      Stealing Npc Ships

      How do I steal an npc ship such as a cargo ship (including destroying the faction block) without them declaring war on me? I managed to get aboard an outcast salvage ship and dock it to the canon I tore from a cathedral station, but I can't destroy the faction module(s) without some trouble...
    17. Captain Skwidz

      Bug Nothing renders

      The new launcher works fine, the main menu works fine, except nothing is rendered after spawning into a new universe save for a few stars, way points, and a few graphical things. Specs: Windows 10 x64 4 gb ram intel i3 processor ~4 ghz x64 Java I'm not entirely sure what my graphics are, but I...