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    1. MoricaStarwind

      Looking for server

      Hi, I'm looking for a server that runs an older version of Starmade and allows chain drives. Is anyone running one like this? I'm also not a fan of the recent developments with the power system. Thanks
    2. MoricaStarwind

      I miss chain drives

      I miss chain drives. It was a nice thing to be able to design a drive that could take you to the next galaxy away. :/
    3. MoricaStarwind

      Interesting, but undesired effect

      Ok, so apparently Structure gravity is just buggy, but personal gravity seems to work fine. Though collisions with docked entities still a little buggy... moving from say, a docked entity to and ramp that's part of the station does not work smoothly and you have to jump.
    4. MoricaStarwind

      Interesting, but undesired effect

      Ok, I am building a station. In this station I have a lift, and the station uses a gravity generator. Things turn interesting if I try to walk on to the lift which is made of docked entities. By interesting I mean the gravity suddenly reverses. Any idea how to fix this?
    5. MoricaStarwind

      Interior porn

      [WIP] Station Build...
    6. MoricaStarwind

      Drones skipping logic circuits

      Ok, so I'm trying to get my drones to use the magnetic pickups so that they trigger the docking logic. Problem is they will sometimes skip the magnetic docking and go right for what ever rail is available as if to flip me the bird. XD Anyway, how do I force them to use the magnetic pickups?
    7. MoricaStarwind

      StationCore v1.0

      My resolution does not allow for me to make bigger pictures unfortunately. My current set up is lacking in power for HD quality images. However, if they appear really tiny, they might be thumbnails of the actual images. Click on them to see if they become larger. The two stats pictures should at...
    8. MoricaStarwind

      StationCore v1.0

      Don't like mucking around with the reactor and distances? Enjoy this station core . It's just an armored reactor for you to modify all you want. Want turrets? Add them. Want to make it a gate station? make it so! Shop? Sure thing! What ever you like, make it that. Stats: What it looks like: