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    1. Neon_42

      weapons update design philosophies

      Hello folks, I've been trying to figure out how many blocks to allocate between shields, weapons, and thrusters? My thoughts on this are a bottom up approach. Building small ships first starting with a reactor size of 19 then 199 and so on. So for a starfighter reactor size of 19 blocks how...
    2. Neon_42

      A question about cargo transfer rails

      I've been trying to build a mining ship that uses a rotating drill of salvage beams, I found that cargo no longer transfers via rails and I need to use the Rail load and Unload blocks. Does anybody know if cargo transfers through rail rotor blocks? There isn't a load unload for rotors. If it...
    3. Neon_42

      Salvage Turret Control

      Has anybody had any luck building salvage turrets? I want to build a mining freighter with mining turrets, but I can't get turrets to fire using salvage beams. Is there anything special I need to do to get these kinds of turrets to work?
    4. Neon_42

      Deconstructing Power in prerelease 200.251

      With the new power update just over the horizon, I took some time to do some experimenting in the latest pre-release (200.251), to see if I could deconstruct how the new power system works. I haven't played much of the dev builds, but from the forums I gathered that long thin reactors seemed...
    5. Neon_42

      Interchangeable parts.

      Hey folks, I've been trying to come up with a way to make interchangeable parts on a grid using the copy paste system. I want to make hallways, rooms, stairs, elevators all on the starmade 1m block grid. The catch is that I want everything to fit together. That is to say I want a set of...
    6. Neon_42

      No updates for months

      It has been over 3 months since we've had anything posted in news and over a month since there was a devblog. Can we get a status update? What's the news with the new power overhaul. The discussion has been very active about the devbuilds. The prototype of the power system was done in September...
    7. Neon_42

      Encouraging deeper gameplay via economic bonuses

      I suggest changing faction points to a faction health system and changing the game economy to encourage control of territory via mining, refining, and manufacturing bonuses, without the addition of new currencies. Below are the key points for doing this. The faction health system would be...
    8. Neon_42

      After Recent Update System under heavy load.

      After the most recent update. I've been getting the "system under heavy load, trying to catch up" message every 5~10minutes. The system will then lag for a few seconds and jump ahead. Any ideas the cause of this? Sometimes it happens if I place large numbers of blocks, but this is mostly...
    9. Neon_42

      How do you test your creations?

      So I've been wondering how people test their creations. Do they have a standard format for viability of a fighter, cruiser, titan, ect. The best I've come up with is spawning in a fleet of Isanths to test against fleets of mobs. for example. To test fighter viability I test 1 fighter vs 1...
    10. Neon_42

      Defending Undocked Ships

      I know it is good practice to dock your ships to your home base when you log off, but if we are to create large space fairing factions then unprotected bases and ships will be critical to defending territory. I'm curious if anyone has any functioning strategies, theories, or ideas on how to do this.
    11. Neon_42

      PvP Channel?

      Is there a channel that reviews PvP ships and discusses the PvP aspects of Starmade? Most of the well known youtubers and streamers I know focus on roleplay elements.
    12. Neon_42

      we need to talk about losing

      One of the biggest issues in this game is the inability to lose. People spend hours building and designing their creations thus it feels like time lost when you lose your creations. Inevitably someone will say "but you had fun building it right?" as if to say the building is just worth the time...
    13. Neon_42

      Starmade being overtaken?

      I'm wondering with the plethora of voxel space sims entering the market what Starmade is doing to become competitive. I love this game but I feel like it isn't going anywhere and that other games will offer a better experience very soon. Particularly games like Empyron, Dual Universe and today...
    14. Neon_42

      Can someone explain block pentration to me?

      For the life of me I cannot figure out how damage is distributed among blocks. My understanding is that the total DPP (Damage Per Projectile) is distributed amongst the blocks in the projectile's flight path. In addition in order to destroy one advanced armor block with full ship HP takes 2000...
    15. Neon_42

      Homeworld RTS like controls for fleets and stations

      Give the flagship in a fleet a 'Command mode' like build mode or flight mode where they would be given a view of the sector with their ships as RTS style units. This could be accomplished by toggling build mode or flight mode, or by a specific block players could enter. The advantages of a block...
    16. Neon_42

      How would a Homeworld RTS controls fit in this game?

      As this game refines its building tools and moves towards larger scale interactions between fleets and factions I'm wondering if a homeworld like RTS style control mode would be advantageous for fleets. By this I mean that players who occupy a flagship in a fleet could enter a 'Command mode'...
    17. Neon_42

      Automated Factories

      Im wondering if it is possible through clever use of storage and logic blocks to create and automated factory. Step 1. What I want to do is create a factory that automatically fills a cargo area, but when it is full the cargo area turns off the factory. When I take items out of the cargo area...
    18. Neon_42

      Building Civilian Structures

      I was watching the videos from the Dual Universe channel on youtube. It's another voxel space sim game for those of you who don't know. They said that one of the things they want is to incentivize city building. I was wondering if there could be a way to incentivize building cities or civilian...
    19. Neon_42

      blueprint and template folders

      Can we get folders for blueprints and templates? After building many ships and stations my directories are full of files looking like Aesthetic_shippart_dimensions_Function.smtpl or Faction_ship_class_dps_sheilds_health_LxWxH. It gets cumbersome to scroll and find what I need. It would be much...
    20. Neon_42

      Ion Cannons are they useless?

      I'm talking about adding ion effect modules to weapons. I did an experiment where I added ion effects to my cannons. they did twice the damage to shields but no damage to hull. The numbers show that per block I get a better return on just cannons, unless I am missing something. for 5 cannons I...