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    1. GaeasSon

      Display Module as Logical I/O

      1. Proposed: That the display module act as a linkable conditional switch based on the evaluation of a Boolean expression. Examples: eval: [structureHpPercent] < 20 :: true while [structureHpPercent] is less than 20. eval: [docked] = "docked" :: true while the structure is...
    2. GaeasSon

      Crew Escape Systems

      The idea of automatic escape pods was suggested over at another thread: I don't want to detract from the other escape pod threads:
    3. GaeasSon

      slab-contouring Slabs can make for some very nice curves, as long as the curve you are trying to contour has a slope of 1:4 or less. Getting slab-contouring to interface with wedged contours presents some novel challenges and compromises.
    4. GaeasSon

      Cheap and Cheezy Survival Mode.

      This is not so much as "you must do this" sort of suggestion. More of a "what if" for people to bat around. I've always been slightly chafed by the concept of infinite free energy. The concept of a Star-Made "Survival mode" has received a lot of attention. That's not new. The concept of Fuel...
    5. GaeasSon

      Logical Color Control (Disco lighting)

      This one is quick and simple: You can currently use logic blocks with adjacent rails to redefine the orientation and even the block type of logically connected rails... Why not do exactly the same for lights? Get three or more activators each with a different color light next to it. Assign all...
    6. GaeasSon

      one possible approach to the slab

      We have slabs in the game. I like this a lot, but before we get too far down the road, I'd like to suggest a slightly different approach that preserves the item ID-space and expands creative potential. 1. Merge Hull and standard armor, or merge standard and advanced armor so we have existing...
    7. GaeasSon

      Read by Schine Some blocks want to be slabs

      Hurrah! Slabs! Now.... It could be that I just completed a 15 hour shift at work. Or it could be chronic sleep deprivation. Or maybe it's just a y-hole flashback, but I's swear I hear the blocks talking to me. They are very excited about the new slabs, but I think they might be jealous of...
    8. GaeasSon

      Reverse Docking & Rail-systems integration

      I suspect this is one of those "easy to suggest, hard to implement" things.... but here goes anyway. Reverse docking: Can we have a method (special rail docker, or rail, or whatever) that allows the primary ship to integrate the...
    9. GaeasSon

      New Contest? Cargo Haulers

      Since inventory is soon to require actual in-game volume, it will make sense for both the Trade Guild and the Pirates to need and use cargo craft. The Traders will need them to move inventory. The Pirates will need them to loot their victims. So, is it time for the next building contest?
    10. GaeasSon

      Sensors as an effect instead of a system

      I'm thinking sensors might actually be more role-play interesting as an effect rather than a system Any sensor effect reduces the system damage to zero. Types of scans. Damage beam + Sensor= Sensor beam that displays information about the structure that it hits. Damage Pulse + Sensor= Active...
    11. GaeasSon

      Transporter: Permissions

      I will first say that transporters rock beyond description. It makes my little Trekkie heart beat faster. With the understanding that transporters are a work in progress... Finer access control might be useful. At the moment, we can allow incoming by Faction, or Public access. I think it...
    12. GaeasSon

      Croudsourcing Systems Proportions

      I'm just going to throw this out there. I'm wondering what sort of systems proportions builders are using as guidelines. What "Sweet spots" have you found? I try to keep my thrust to mass ratio at or above 1 Shields: I've been using 1 charger to 4 capacitors. I think that may be too low...
    13. GaeasSon

      Weapons/systems streamline

      Our weapons system is based on two different generations of game design. In the beginning there was the AMC and the salvage beam. They were elegant systems for a simpler age. Now we have a proliferation of weapons, subsystems, effects and all. Recently I felt inspired to build a Tug. I...
    14. GaeasSon

      Shield inversion for mass enhancement.

      I was thinking about the ancient problem of large ships being frustratingly slow to turn, balanced against the similarly ancient problem of balancing fighters against battleships. I think I have a possible solution to satisfy both. I'm imagining a ship's device that could be described as a...
    15. GaeasSon

      Shipyard: Additive Blueprints

      This calls back to an idea I posted on the old site for being able to weld structures together. It also answers the intent of this thread: What if we could "layer" shipyard designs? Layered Blueprint Building...
    16. GaeasSon

      Sympathy for the Pirates

      This is a humble suggestion, and may not be popular... Yes, everyone hates the pirates. Yes, they are heartless, soulless brigands who would sell their mothers for fermented y-hole space-rum. BUT! Can there be some minimum sanity checking on pirate craft before they spawn? By default, a...
    17. GaeasSon

      Storage Management: "Add Filtered"

      With the advent of Shipyards (Yay Schema and the Devs!) I suddenly have to do inventory management of large numbers of blocks. A small change would make this process MUCH easier. When you set up your pulls between storage units, you can filter the items you'd like to pull. If I want a...
    18. GaeasSon

      Current Build: Teasers and previews

      Here's a tease of my current project. What are you building? This shipyard is functional. That's a brand new rebuilt holographic TOS Constitution in the cradle. Both projects are at about 90% complete. Why does polishing all the fiddly bits seem to take so LONG?
    19. GaeasSon

      Brainstorm This Crew: Stations, bonuses, specialties, experience & expense.

      As has been generally suggested elsewhere: I'd like to see crew on my ships manning functional systems consoles, providing in-play bonuses. I'm starting a new thread to present some specific ideas that lead in that direction. Specialties: Cadet: No bonuses Engineer: Energy efficiency or...
    20. GaeasSon

      Inset Collision Boundary. (Block lube!)

      It's frustrating to undock a structure and find that you are wedged between blocks. The resulting twisting, turning, and intra-structural spasming is just unpleasant for all concerned. Would it fix the problem if the block collision boundary were inset by 1 pixel? That way, it's at least...