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    1. jstenholt

      Charon 2.0 - A WIP super titan [Update 5 : new medium turret]

      It's a good change, but if I could make a suggestion, widening the stern prongs would make this look even better imo. Not as wide as they reached when they were horizontal, but wider than they are now.
    2. jstenholt

      HYtech Industries shipyard (re-post)

      Hey! That's pretty good. You're showing a lot of improvement and I'm here for it. Keep working on your detailing.
    3. jstenholt

      Engine Porn

      Now THAT is that good 40k shit. Link to the full ship, my duder. I gotta see that whole thing.
    4. jstenholt

      Klawxx - Shipyard | W.I.P. News & Screenshots

      How do you get that music to play in Excel? I can't figure it out.
    5. jstenholt

      ai /turrets/ships ,and new wepon combos

      Turrets and AI have always been pretty wonky. But they're supposed to be updated in the big update, so maybe it'll be fixed? No guarantees.
    6. jstenholt

      Universe Update Suggestion

      Hard disagree, my guy. Let the devs do as they will. We have no reason to believe Starmade won't be finished. If Schema has been going at this at about the same pace for what is literally almost a decade, why push him to release a neutered facsimile of his vision? We're talking about art...
    7. jstenholt

      Why will only four mining lasers fire at a time?

      You may not be able to see the beams, but they could still be there. Check settings to see how many beams can be drawn at a time.
    8. jstenholt

      Darknassius Shipyard

      I'm glad you're back, friend. Can't wait to see how you finish that battleship.
    9. jstenholt

      Big agree.

      Big agree.
    10. jstenholt

      What actually failed in Starmade - if you care to listen.

      Cool alt account spouting nonsense. This forum needs a dictator.
    11. jstenholt

      What actually failed in Starmade - if you care to listen.

      tl;dr We're pre alpha testers, the game doesn't need a playerbase and can get one whenever it wants with the Steam adverts it hasn't used yet. etc etc...
    12. jstenholt

      Star Trek Discovery Enterprise - Scaled Build WIP

      This is grotesquely good. I'm really amazed at how well this came together.
    13. jstenholt

      Star Trek Discovery Enterprise - Scaled Build WIP

      This looks beautiful. I really think you have to just power the creator's doubt on the pylons. They look about as good as I could possibly expect for the geometry of a voxel game.
    14. jstenholt


      I may not be a fancy programmer like what's you are, but as a cop I know how to solve this problem. Bash your heads into each other until we learn to play nice. *spits into bucket*
    15. jstenholt

      Star Trek Discovery Enterprise - Scaled Build WIP

      I think it looks great, but I get that creator eye you're having.
    16. jstenholt

      Star Trek Discovery Enterprise - Scaled Build WIP

      This already looks like the best Trek build in the history of Starmade. Say what you want about DIS, but they absolutely nailed a perfect Enterprise. It looks amazing.
    17. jstenholt

      The sounds of silence

      The game kind of needs an audio engine first. But yeah, you're not the first to suggest this.
    18. jstenholt

      "The Great Yamato"

      What about just an enormous waffle of Cc that fires often enough with large enough projectiles that it resembles a beam? Could be a good way to make it a viable weapon. If you're just going for RP, then yeah, hull mounted Bb.
    19. jstenholt

      StarMade v0.201.337 LOD Blocks, Rule System, Balance, Fixes

      Yup, it's in the server settings config.