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    1. JinM

      Minimum Effective Shields

      I would use a maximum of 5k shield capacitor blocks and 5k recharge blocks for smaller outposts. If you want to fend off a bigger fleet of vanilla NPCs I would use up to 50k shield capacitor blocks.
    2. JinM

      Remove or streamline systems to make it a game (again) (broad suggestion to slim down features)

      After thinking about it I came to realise, that at least one of my suggestions is not conform with the long term scope of this game. The plan is, that NPCs trade with each other and with the player by using the shop block. To be honest on the one hand the big trade scope is nice, on the other...
    3. JinM

      Remove or streamline systems to make it a game (again) (broad suggestion to slim down features)

      Introduction What's happend? We don't have enough sales? I think this can easily be solved: Make it a game again by sticking to already known concepts of game-design. This suggestions are small config changes or small additions/removals that should change Starmade by slimming it down and...
    4. JinM

      Make ships how up on the map like fleet ships by default

      I think this is a good idea. It's very easy to implement and helps alot. New players will love it. Veterens will have another reason to use stealth chambers. And even for an experienced player it's annoying to manually go through the list of ships around me to spot that one actual threat ship...
    5. JinM

      Starmade design versioning

      I use an adapted scheme of semantic versioning, this means a three number string. ( If I use a new complete new weapon system (from power 1 to 2) I would just increase the first number (aa). If I just adapt my system from power pre-qf to quickfire I would just increase the second...
    6. JinM

      space toilet. lalalalala

      space toilet. lalalalala
    7. JinM

      Starter Exploration Vessel "SLV Denuvo" (Completed Regular Version) - Auto-Mining Feature, Auto Landing Gear Extending on Belly Docking, more Decorations (1.03.00)

      Added Auto-Mining toggle. Has to be manually connected to the salvage computer. Added stone collection tray into refinery into conveyor belt into cargo area decoration. Added Automatic Landing Gear Toggle if docked to the ships belly. Added space toilet. possible todo: add mining bonus...
    8. JinM

      JinMs Gameplay and Build Diary

      Putting in that auto mining logic got my auto-mining feature done, now pilots can c-v a button to the salvage computer if they desire to afk mine I think this really helps if you just write what a new pilot has to do to make the ship work. I will not have the salvage computer connect to the...
    9. JinM

      Starter Exploration Vessel "SLV Denuvo" (Completed Regular Version) - Cargo Bay and Lightning update for Elevator (1.02.00)

      Added Elevator Light Update with Wireless Logic corresponding to Main Hall Lightswitch Added Cargo Bay with 2.5k total capacity into the Maintenance Level - If you like to use it it has to be manually connected to the salvage computer (but thats easy they are next to each other to the right of...
    10. JinM

      JinMs Gameplay and Build Diary

      The way After completing my Starter Exploration and Mining Vessel "SLV Denuvo", I think it's time to make a comparission shot. I completed the first version at 2. February 2020, after starting to play Starmade with the new update again. The in between version "second version" was finished 12...
    11. JinM

      Starter Exploration Vessel "SLV Denuvo" (Completed Regular Version) - More fixes (1.01.02)

      Reworked the railings at the staircase with grates. Rewrite of texts for Explanation Displays Small visual tweaks
    12. JinM

      Starter Exploration Vessel "SLV Denuvo" (Completed Regular Version) - More fixes (1.01.01)

      Fixed some small mistakes on the inner hull and the display modules
    13. JinM

      Starter Exploration Vessel "SLV Denuvo" (Completed Regular Version) - Final touches (1.01.00)

      I am not sure about it but this could be the final general design. I overhauled the interiour floors with a better color scheme, and completely rewired the logic. Everything is cleaned up now for newcommers to easily make out all the features, and to use the ship without problems. The logic is...
    14. JinM

      Balancing Starmade [Systems]

      So basic armour is almost always better to soak up missile damage instead of advanced armour? And standard armour is better in comparission to basic armour when it comes to soaking up cannon damage?
    15. JinM

      Starter Exploration Vessel "SLV Denuvo" (Completed Regular Version) 1.03.00

      This exploration and mining vessel is set up in a way that new pilots unfamilliar with the vessel find their way easily. Two display modules explain all 5 buttons, but the ship works totally fine, if you don't read anything. :) It has alot of features and if I add more the maintenance area will...
    16. JinM

      Distributed Monetization

      Hey I don't want to be unpolite, so don't get rubbed the wrong way. But I am not getting paid here and to read so much text is just not worth it for me. I wanted to get a simple yes or no, maybe 5 sentences of explantion. But that's the third chunk of text and I just don't want you to waste your...
    17. JinM

      JinMs Gameplay and Build Diary

      SPL Starter Exploration Vessel (regular + light) New builds from me Two new CC uploads from me! Booth ships are the same but different. Hehe. We are talking about my Starter Exploration Vessel, in the light and regular version. You can modify these two ships as you please and you can upload...
    18. JinM

      Distributed Monetization

      If you have no real world examples then maybe because your suggestion was not used before in a similar kind of game with equal or bigger scope. Is that the case?
    19. JinM

      Distributed Monetization

      This is not comparable as the scope of the individual games is way smaller than Starmade. Please stick to games instead of companies when you try to give precise examples.
    20. JinM

      Starter Exploration And Mining Vessel (Second Version) v 1.0.00

      This is the old version, I only keep it for people to see the changes that got made via looking at the screenshots. The newest and most exensively detailed version is here: This small vessel...