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    1. beetlebear

      Starmade Thunderdome Championship Tournament! 6PM EST

      LIVE LIVE After weeks of testing we are ready to roll out our first ever Championship Tournament!! Where we will crown our very first Galactic Thunderlord!! The event will take place Saturday August 17th @ 6 pm EST. It will be an 8 man elimination...
    2. beetlebear

      StarMade Video news With Ambushed Gamer!

      Hey Starmade Pilots, check this video news out below:
    3. beetlebear

      StarMade Basics 3 - Creating Turrets with AI

      Hey gang, Here is the latest in the basics series of starmade tutorials. In this video, we cover how to create turrets.
    4. beetlebear

      4th of July - Barf Spaceballs skin

      Hey guys, I originally wanted to do an Uncle Sam skin for the 4th of July but I couldn't get it to look right and I got totally distracted by this Spaceballs inspired Barf skin. Should be able to save this file onto your computer and use the modding menu within the starmade starter to change...
    5. beetlebear

      StarMade Review by Fish

      Check out this informative video review on starmade by Fish
    6. beetlebear

      StarMade Female Player Skin

      Hey Guys, Beetlebear here with the default female skin for starmade. Simply download this file and select it via the modding menu -> skins. There will also be some new graphics coming your way soon: All new Minerals New...
    7. beetlebear

      New Texture Pack suggestions go here - OFFICIAL

      If you have a suggestion about the new texture pack, please place it here. I will begin working on fixes and new textures again on Monday ( USA ). Currently: - Change sides of thrusters, missiles, etc.. to be more distinct - Add exhaust to thruster front
    8. beetlebear

      Official Graphics Texturing thread

      Hey everyone, Beetlebear ( the artist of starmade ) here with a helpful thread on how to begin texturing your game, or at least understand how it all works. I'm going to divide things up into topics and cover them one at a time. Feel free to post comments and share, I'll make a master thread...
    9. beetlebear

      May the fourth be with you!

      May the 4th be with you, I give you this Chewbacca StarMade skin that I whipped up in honor of this glorous Star Wars themed day. Simply download the file and use the player skin tool in the modding menu to apply the skin to your character. And the skin in it's purity can be downloaded...
    10. beetlebear

      Official Texture thread

      Hey players, I'm working on the existing textures I created last year. This is the place to post any problems you have with textures as well as suggestions if you like. I'll be doing a hi-res texture pack later this year possibly, but I don't want to get into that in this thread so lets keep...
    11. beetlebear

      StarMade 2012 State of the Game

      Greetings, As the year draws to an end we'd like to show you what we've accomplished this year. This log goes with the video: Feb: Team DeathStar Match launched First dedicated server Version 0.01 out Reddit playdate announced March: New server...
    12. beetlebear

      Development update #4

      Hey all, watch this video: Or read this text: NEWS: We have our new Official US Server. It's loaded with good hardware and we have more memory coming soon. The IP address will be in the description for this video. We will be doing a stress test sometime this week or...
    13. beetlebear

      Weekly Friday Update + Factory Demo + RECIPES!!

      Hey all, here is what we're working on: Schema is developing: Black holes Suns Entire star systems Planetary star system rotation Beetlebear: New UI New Player Model Factory system Economy balancing Recipes for this week: 50 Sand + Particle...
    14. beetlebear

      SUNDAY - New Server stress test

      Greetings pilots, This message is out to all our testers flying around in the universe right now. We're getting the servers we need to run the universe this Sunday. I'm not sure if we will be doing an actual stress test this sunday but it would be nice to have at least 5 - 10 testers on standby...
    15. beetlebear

      Starmade Dev Update #2

    16. beetlebear

      News from the Beetle

      Hey gang, Firstly, we have a video teaser of the upcoming feature Schema "wasn't going to tell you about yet": Also, we have a weekly challenge that begins today and involves building the ship in the starmade logo within starmade: CHECK OUT THE FORUM THREAD HERE Thanks for playing StarMade -...
    17. beetlebear

      Weekly Challenge #1 - 10/22/2012 - 10/29/2012

      Good day pilots, You have exactly 2 weeks to build the ship that is in the starmade logo. More information can be seen via this transmission: Feel free to discuss the challenge in this thread as well as post screenshots. You can disable your GUI with TAB+G, and re-enable it the same way...
    18. beetlebear

      Rules ! READ FIRST !

      This section of the forum is exclusive to the weekly challenges. Any posts not relating to weekly challenges will be removed. Thanks.
    19. beetlebear

      Post your best screenies here!

      So here's the deal. Every week, I will pick the best screenshot out of the weeks submissions to go up on That's it. So go and build some cool stuff and take some screenshots of it. Our indiedb page is here: And here is an example of something...