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    1. Pacific_Jim

      Revert 0.202 balancing changes pls

      Reverting is a poor solution because going forward the game is going to be using the QuickFire balances. You just need to accept that old ships either need refitting or scrapping, such is the nature of a game in alpha.
    2. Pacific_Jim

      Weird visual thing

      Thanks. I knew I'd have accidentally knocked something dumb.
    3. Pacific_Jim

      StarMade University - Official Thread

      The weapons etc on docked ships (not including turrets) should honestly be disabled outright, non-functional and not drawing power until they're undocked.
    4. Pacific_Jim

      Weird visual thing

      Apologies if this is a dumb question, but I've had a weird visual bug (or maybe effect?) and I can't for the life of me figure out how to get rid of it. I tried making a new universe, and if it's a setting I can't figure out what I changed. Any help would be appreciated.
    5. Pacific_Jim

      What happened to the Punch-Through effect system?

      If you attach it to a weapon (like you would with punch-through) it gives bonus damage to shields (likewise Heat gives bonus against armour and kinetic against system blocks)
    6. Pacific_Jim

      Rename the Reactor FTL Chamber

      Trying to find where I said it wasn't? Realistic doesn't mean it makes for a better game.
    7. Pacific_Jim

      Rename the Reactor FTL Chamber

      "playable" doesn't just mean performance. We could do with bigger planets for the sake of more building room/places to explore, but all full sized planets would accomplish is giving an unnecessary amount of travel time between locations. And that's a problem that gets worse with the distances...
    8. Pacific_Jim

      Rename the Reactor FTL Chamber

      The universe update will almost definitely not make Star Made to scale. And the laws of physics aren't changed, you near instantly teleport halfway across a solar system with the default settings. It's just that for the purposes of the game being playable the size of the universe has been toned...
    9. Pacific_Jim

      Weapons 2.0 - :(

      Momentum recoil makes much more sense (not that either are remotely necessary). Aiming recall is especially a bad idea, engagements in Starmade can happen over some pretty long distances, and keeping to that reduces the chance of big ships colliding into each other.
    10. Pacific_Jim

      [Dev Build] 0.201.004 - Weapons Update Current Early State and Discussion

      Haven't really played around with the weapons too much, all my actual Starmade time is spent refitting. How does armour hold up on smaller ships?
    11. Pacific_Jim

      Shield Vulnerability

      This is as poor an idea as it always has been, smaller ships already have so many advantages. Recent changes to shielding already make it so your recharge rate under fire is nonexistent, which when you combine with the extra speed and mobility smaller ships get you can already theoretically beat...
    12. Pacific_Jim

      StarMade Dev Blog - The Weapons Update

      Problem with spaghetti type designs is you hit them so infrequently that their shields don't come down, so acid damage isn't really gonna help there.
    13. Pacific_Jim

      Sometimes, you need to be positive.

      I actually kinda like the recent mechanics changes now I've had time to play around with them, especially once Stabilizers got tweaked. There's still a fair amount of balancing and similar tweaks that need to go in, but overall the newer mechanics seem promising. The biggest complaint I have...
    14. Pacific_Jim

      Fleets cost FP to operate

      This should definitely be implemented once crews and NPCs become actually viable. Though as said the way in which FP is generated should be totally overhauled.
    15. Pacific_Jim

      Power 2.1 doesn't suck.

      The problem with the systems overhaul isn't so much that the systems themselves are beyond saving. Before stabilization was pretty bad, but the new fix makes it work, and with similar fixing integrity could work nicely. The main problem is that it came out at a time that completely killed any...
    16. Pacific_Jim

      StarMade - Devblog May 22nd 2017

      Even taking the time to implement fuel would be a waste of dev time in a game that's already troubled in that regard.
    17. Pacific_Jim

      Why I think the power system update shouldn't upset us so much

      I'm not too fussed about needing to refit or rebuild, but I still think the whole thing is a poor idea. Completely overhauling a core mechanic this late into development is such a bizarre move, since the process of making in game assets that rely on these mechanics is underway already. Not to...
    18. Pacific_Jim

      It's impossible to make good figther weapons

      The problem is that if an "x wing" is only effective against another "x wing" then it realistically isn't effective at all. You can hardly expect your enemy in a combat situation to waste resources solely to give some of your ships something to do. That said, you can make "fighters" pretty...
    19. Pacific_Jim

      Remove Weapon Firing Arcs

      Don't really know whether the arcs should be removed entirely, but they definitely need to be toned down.
    20. Pacific_Jim

      where do you get insperation for your interiors?

      Other, usually better, interiors.