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    1. Leidz

      Radio blocks

      I call radio two different block: radio receiver block radio transmitter block Transmitter block: A block, when you right click on it show a window with nothing in. you can write a frequency on it, only with number. Once the freq is set. You can power it with button or what you want. When...
    2. Leidz

      Torpedo and Weapon 2.0

      Hi, I'm trying to do torpedo, i know push and pull module have been deleted. I have tried to do this with no weapon on my torpedo but my ship wont ram into the isanth the torpedo just stay far away doing normal battle pattern but without weapon... Is there a way to make torpedo or it's broken now?
    3. Leidz

      Way to remove pipe on cargo blocks?

      Hello everyone, with the new update, my system is a bit confusing now with all these pipe on my storage chest, have we a way to remove that, or set something in option to off?