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      Random fun challenge: let's build a fleet :D

      Thanks ! It's an assault ship, IMO, it needed to be bulky "tank style". Foldable wings are here for a compact docking of these squadrons. I have a carrier in my mind.... You're right about targeting abilities. Thats why central front turrets (A.M.S) are on 2 axis even if the first one isn't...
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      Random fun challenge: let's build a fleet :D

      Hi there, I was (am? :sneaky:) really busy, thx to my work.... But i really hope to release my assault ship soon.... Maybe tonight or tomorrow. Last update from it : logic wings = done Crew quarters = done deck = done Assault team room = done Med bay with x ray and mortuary = done stupid...
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      Random fun challenge: let's build a fleet :D

      Hi all ! Pavlvo Corp. is happy to join the challenge ! Here are the W.I.P. pictures of our brand new Assault [put a class name here] ! Just imagine some logic wings and other useless fancy stuff.... And you'll get the big picture of it ^^ 92m long so far :)
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      Bug involving turrets not firing.

      Just check if "remote control" is deactivated ;)
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      Scypio's shipyard

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      Chunk missing from ship + Area not initialized

      The last update was helpfull against missing chunks. I had the same issue, now it's gone. But old BP affected by this bug are just.... affected. You can do anything about it. It's the way it was saved. With big holes. Make sure to be to the last release now :) Maybe try to reload an old...
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      Pavlov Corp. Shipyard

      Because reviews are usefull, Scavlov is updated. Thx to Mchain, you'll now can have more shield, more powa, more thrust, twice the amount of cargo and a rail canopee access :) Don't hesitate to review or feedback, I really appreciate that :) FYI :a Guppy update is coming, with more features :)
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      Scavlov - Light miner / Drone - MK II version with bigger cargo capacity and access by openable canope

      Thx to MChain review, i updated the Scavlov. Now, you got 12K cargo capacity, more thrusters ans more shields. Last but not least, the new access is a rail canope.
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      Pavlov Corp. Shipyard

      I needed a minning drone for my Pavlov. Scavlov is born and avaiable on the dock !
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      Scavlov - Light miner / Drone 0.201.200

      Pavlov Corp. Presents. Salvage Drone "Scavlov" Ring a bell have some reflex ! (When an asteroid is passing, Scavlov bark!) Discover our products ! How to use it ? Why to use it ? Just dock this simple drone and add it to a fleet...
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      Pavlov Corp. Shipyard

      The guppy is on the dock !
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      The Guppy + Turret Dispenser 2018-10-16

      Pavlov Corp. Presents. Working Horse "The Guppy" Stop running for docking your turrets ! (Don't be selfish, be a goldfish, just move your tail and use the rail) Discover our products ! How to use it ? Why to use it ? Are you...
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      Pavlov Corp. Shipyard

      The Guppy is alive :) - Arms abble to dock entities between diamater 0 and 66m. - 5 lovely yellow speedsters - 12 Fat Ams I'm gonna land some turrets on my ongoing projects :ROFLMAO: [/spoiler] Soon in the content section :)
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      Pavlov Corp. Shipyard

      I just added 4 AMS to my Pavlov. I had forgot how it was a pain in the A to spawn turrets, to go take it, add some reactors and thrusters (especially now) and dock it for making this loop again and again and again.... How to dock 30 or so AMS without going crazy ? That's why i built "The Guppy"...
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      Universe Completely to Scale; Computer Requirements

      -"honey ? What are you doing? I need this milk for you son !" -"I'm minning RGX982 dear, I'll go to the shop in a few" [1/10 the planet later...] -"Honey? what are you doing ? You really need to take your medicine for your parkinson!" -"Right dear... Right dear... I'm.. hum... Still mining...
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      Possible to fix "build mode cheat" now?

      I love the idea of a targetable drone ! :love: A simple way to counter drone spys :sneaky:
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      Possible to fix "build mode cheat" now?

      My 2 cents :) Sometimes, i use build mode for watching a fight. The camera move is such easyer. I know, that's not the spirit of BM :LOL:. That's why, only rendering outlines could be great for me. The great question for me is : "how this outline will be calculated ?" Just thinking about the...
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      Pavlov Corp. Shipyard

      Hey ! I just added my starter ship to the dock !
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      Day One - Starter Ship 2018-10-09

      Pavlov Corp. Presents. Starter Ship "Day One" A cheap and simple way to eat the universe ! (When you want to run, you just have to do the first step bro')) Discover our products ! Compact design A simple 17x11x25 meters starter...
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      Pavlov Corp. Shipyard

      Hi there ! Some news from my ongoing project :) The general shape is %60 finished. For having some more fun than taking my hairs off smoothling the hull, i started some RP interior. As you can see, it's far from done. For now, it's a ~ 40 hours job. I added some systems like reactor and...