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    1. plusnine

      Mushroom Fleet: Shogunate Season 2 (ending December 2015)

      MUSHROOM FLEET: SHOGUNATE SEASON 2 A StarMade Universe, running from: November 2015 - February 2016 OVERVIEW & APPROACH TO CUSTOMIZATION Greetings, lifeform. I'm plusnine. You may or may not be familiar with some of the things I've shared here on SMD: plusnine's Default Pack Extension for...
    2. plusnine

      server variables for mining deposits

      as much as i tend to be long winded, i will try to be brief. please consider giving servers the tools to de-incentivize the mining of planets as a practice by allowing us to adjust the density of mineral distribution in planets and asteroids separately in addition to or in lieu of the general...
    3. plusnine

      Leviathan Kahguyat (Farscape adaptation build, in -progress)

      This is an adaptation of the bio-mechanoid "leviathan" ships from my personal favorite sci-fi series, Farscape. This leviathan comes in at just over 600m in length. i have a huge wedging job ahead of me, and have spent some time working on the interior planning. more images and animated GIFs...
    4. plusnine

      Planned creative mode: re-sort blocks

      as one uses creative mode, the blocks become jumbled and difficult to locate what you're looking for after a time of working on large projects or a long play session. it would be wonderful to have a re-sort / return to default button for creative mode instead of the requisite relogging / restarting.
    5. plusnine

      Read by Council ShipYard additional features: shipwide block replacement

      A shipwide block-replacement mapping tool would be great for re-painting or re-color-scheming ships. Similar to the advanced build mode replace, but shipwide. Ideally a map would be able to handle multiple replacements programmed in for one operation, e.g.: white hull -> yellow standard armor...
    6. plusnine

      plusnine's Default Pack Extension for Servers and Clients

      plusnine's Default Pack Extension for Servers and Clients utilizing the Starmade Custom textures and block config to extend the possibilities of the Default Pack Download / Installation Instructions: About...
    7. plusnine

      server custom textures not displaying on clients?

      so i've got my custom server textures pack ready to roll. folks connect to the server, they receive the file with all three resolutions of the texture pack, their client unzips everything in the "\client-database[server address]-custom-textures" folder, but upon the game's launch...
    8. plusnine

      "why aren't my rails and rotators working?" - troubleshooting your builds in 0.19282

      a few stray observations to help you get your builds working again in the new patch, since it appears some changes went undocumented. perhaps these are bugs, perhaps these are intentional: if an item you loaded from a pre-patch blueprint is not moving on its rail or switching direction, undock...
    9. plusnine

      Ninewerks Products: downloadable example Logic and Rails devices for Starmade

      Here are my collected downloadable devices for Starmade here on Starmadedock. I hope you find them useful: Rail Rotator Beginner Tutorial Spin up/Spin Down Rotator 5-Ring Gyroscope Modular Orrery System Strobe Lights Rail Elevator Token-Based Vending Machine I will try to help with...
    10. plusnine

      Star-made orbits using rails, ESA Rosetta

      My model of the ESA Rosetta satellite in orbit around a custom asteroid Zero-sen made for me from a 3-d object. Using the new rotators, i whipped up a quick gyroscope system which is now used to create a theatrical multi-axis orbit pattern for the satellite to put it on display. animated...
    11. plusnine

      "Spathi Basin" a PVP map : development log

      mostly just developing concept and components for a 3-point-capture based starmade pvp map. drafting what i hope will be an epic battle for mining rights on three asteroids: they include: - a 100-point scoring system that ends and resets the game - one button game reset - capture and scoring...
    12. plusnine

      9x9 modular programmable astrolabe

      9x9 modular pasteable, stackable astrolabe kit: - program direction and speed. (large orbits generally o.k. to leave at non-enhanced speeds) will finish and put up on the dock, i hope. create your own custom orbitals for ship-stations, asteroids or patrolling turrets! hope to have a good...
    13. plusnine

      Starship Heart of Gold (up for download!)

      I'd always loved the heart of gold design that was built from a shower head in the 80's hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy: in addition to this overall, shape, i wanted to build something like that that fit some of the descriptions in the book (e.g. looks like a sleek running shoe, 150 meters...
    14. plusnine


      MAGRATHEA! ships in progress by: plusnine, spacie, Caumen and Cpt_psy additional screenshots:
    15. plusnine

      Animated Station: Monolith Burger from Space Quest 3

      original game art: my for-starmade adaptation: finished the station, minus a few ugly seams that need to be patched up. i'll be adding some power and shielding and eventually putting this up for download on the dock. Gallery link: now, on to milliways!
    16. plusnine

      centrifuge builds (ESS-Arroway)

      After seeing this episode of PBS' space-time and the release of rails and rotators, I'd been jonesing to build some proper centripetal acceleration / Coriolis effect-based structures in Starmade. ESS-Arroway: note: this screenshot and the others below make use of plusnine's fancy starmade...
    17. plusnine

      plusnine's fancy starmade effects

      this file replaces the warp tunnel texture, and includes upscaled versions for higher end systems playing starmade. just rename to the resolution you desire! the 2k texture is what's shown in the screenshot below. plusnine's warp tunnel effect this effect was inspired by the warp tunnel effects...
    18. plusnine

      additional sign variable suggestions

      i love the display modules in starmade. here are some example variables to think about as we develop mechanics for ships that are designed to be crewed by more than one human player. some example short variables are provided to save character space: name of ship's entered faction: [faction]...
    19. plusnine

      Two logic enhancements that could add a lot of possibilties:

      1) AREA TRIGGER OVERRIDE - Because the only way to activate player gravity using an area trigger has to be a specific signal path, you cannot pre-program in a network of sensors that can be enabled or disabled. it would be awesome to be able to put a logic signal IN to an area trigger to tell...