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    1. jstenholt

      Planet Devbuild Help

      I'm a dumb idiot man who doesn't know how Java works. Anybody able to more clearly explain how this planet snapshot works?
    2. jstenholt

      Allow Camera Position Memory to Include Zoom

      The new camera position memory function is amazing, but it could be slightly better. If this system allowed us to also record the level of "zoom" or whatever you want to call Shift+Scroll thing we could actually have fighters that are fun to fly. Think of the third person perspective common to...
    3. jstenholt

      Repulse Module Warning

      I've been constructing a titan on and off for a few years, the performance has slowed down as I crept up towards the 500k mark but over the last three days it's come to a virtual standstill. Long story short I started taking the ship apart block by block and I eventually discovered that Repulse...
    4. jstenholt

      Weird Resolution Problem

      My resolution seems to be out of wack. No matter how I launch the game it always boots into what is clearly not 1920x1080. Maximizing the game does nothing, fullscreen does nothing, windowless border does nothing, and worst of all, a fresh install also had this problem. Occurs on Dev and...
    5. jstenholt

      Nominate Starmade for a Steam Award!

      If you aren't aware, Valve introduced the Steam Awards with this years Autumn sale. The Steam Awards Anybody can nominate any game for any category, but propose this community works together to nominate Starmade for the “I Thought This Game Was Cool Before It Won An Award” award. This...
    6. jstenholt

      Game Completely Broken

      Starmade is as broken as I have ever seen it for me currently. First off, there is a green border on all windows, including the launcher and the game itself. Secondly, I have to re-login every time I launch the game. Thirdly, every time I launch the game it reverts to 199.234 in the launcher...
    7. jstenholt

      Carrier Launch System Help

      What are some of the clever tricks you have come up with to create functional, automatic drone launch systems? I'm currently attempting to design one that is fully hands off and RP friendly, but have hit a bit of a puzzle. Looking for inspiration to help me solve this. I've got a hangar full...
    8. jstenholt

      Flight Mode Camera Suggestion

      In the future, when Starmade is a fledgeling, complete game I would make one suggestion for flight mode's camera: remove it. Plain and simple. All views should be through camera blocks, which will add heaps of immersion and depth to flying and combat. No more holding shift to zoom out behind...
    9. jstenholt

      Additional Sensor Block Features

      The titles speaks for itself! Some suggestions include thrusters in terms of percentage of speed cap shield rechargers in terms of whether or not they are currently recharging, so a simple high/low signal would work I know others have suggested linking them to weapons, so throw more...
    10. jstenholt

      Read by Council Rail Dockers Linked to Displays

      A seemingly simple suggestion that has the potential to expand the newly expanded (and amazing) display block functionality. A way to transmit display block changes across entities. This could be done in a similar manner to how the new display block adjacent to an activator works. For...
    11. jstenholt

      Recognized by Council Main Menu Background Suggestion

      The new menu looks amazing, and the screenshot in the back looks great, even if it is just a temporary placeholder. But rather than just making the camera move, or maybe cycling through a few different moving shots, why not involve the community? The long and short of it all is this: use fancy...
    12. jstenholt

      Lighting State Changes and Draw Distance

      If you build large ships, you have probably noticed this problem already, but I can't find any forum posts about it and I figured it would be a major QoL fix. Right now, when there's a lot going on, lights that are a certain distance away, around 40-50 meters, do not display any visual changes...
    13. jstenholt

      WiP Roosevelt Class Supercarrier

      Update #4! Some major progress in detailing and systems. Update! Top of page 2 there's a lot of stuff. I've been hard at work on my newest capital ship, and the first ship I've ever made that I would consider a "titan." Seeing as we are on the cusp of a slew of new features that will...
    14. jstenholt

      Texture Overlay Bug?

      This one is weird. I've had a lot of bugs in Starmade, but this one is probably top 5. I have this word texture pack overlay. The individual blocks or sprites or whatever they are rotate with the camera. Relaunching does not help. This appeared after I misclicked in the F keys, though I...
    15. jstenholt

      Help With Rails! (Again)

      So, I'm sure somebody else could do this in there head, but I lack the brain smarts what other people have in their head place. I'm working on a rail airlock, it's a very simple concept that I have half completed. Basically, a small chamber with two doors. One door is always open. When you...
    16. jstenholt

      Read by Council New Setting for Turret AI "Aim at: closest"

      So, while watching my point defense turrets fire longingly after missiles that had missed my ship, I was brainstorming different ways to fix this relatively broken system. One easy way to do this would be adding a (potentially) simple new option for BOBBY AI modules: fire at closest. This...
    17. jstenholt

      Read by Schine Rail Animation

      How about some animation for rails? Currently they're static, and while they look great, it doesn't convey movement at all. Giving rail blocks and rotators an animation would also give us a visual identification that a rail is active or inactive.
    18. jstenholt

      In Developement Fleet Roles

      We have fleets now! That's pretty cool. But obviously the devs have a long way to go before the new mechanic works properly every time. One pretty glaring flaw in the current system is that members of a fleet seem to maneuver according to their max speed/acceleration. This means that faster...
    19. jstenholt

      Mid-voxel Slabs

      Pretty self explanatory. Give us the ability to put a half or quarter slab (either or, we probably don't need both) in the middle of a voxel grid. This would allow us to create more symmetrical rooms in smaller areas, give us greater control over our aesthetics and generally be a quality of...
    20. jstenholt

      Madison Class Destroyer

      Feel free to skip the description and check out the full imgur album. Because I tend to build rather big and expensive ships, I've always struggled with mid-game server play. My best and most powerful ships have always been too...