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    1. Alpha

      Introduction thread!

      Hi. I'm Alpha. I can't really say how proud I am of Schema and this game. I've been a member since the beginning. Back when it was just Schema and Bugbear, and we crashed the first ever server of Starmade with 10 people. Back when the crappiest space station I've ever built was worthy of the...
    2. Alpha

      A History of Factions

      Ello! Just noticed this thread. I'll get a small consensus before I make any changes. Way back in the beginning (And I mean that literally.) , me and my mates formed the Alphanox Imperium. This was before factions were actually implemented, but we were pretty sure a faction/clan/organization...
    3. Alpha

      Do not make this game die

      I don't get on here often, But I just wanna say I've been around a looooong time. I remember when Schema threw up the first server on a crappy laptop with 2gb of ram, And we crashed that thing with 10 players within the day. I remember when shields were bubbles, and missiles would crash the...
    4. Alpha

      This Game is unplayable!

      If Pirates are getting through your shields, add more shields and anti-missile turrets. Oh my, Suddenly playable!
    5. Alpha

      Ragnarok Galaxy, Persistent RP, Dangerous Reavers, Active Community

      Prisoner Profile: Levi Strauss (Self-named Alpha-1V37) Race: Homo Sapien (Self-Proclaimed as Homo Machina) Reasons for initial imprisonment: Illegal Body Modification (Subject is 93.7% Non-organic material) Arson Pirating Possession of stolen goods Sale of stolen goods 347 counts of involuntary...
    6. Alpha

      [Request] Barebones/Shells/Templates

      I like that alot!
    7. Alpha

      [Request] Barebones/Shells/Templates

      Just the hull please! It'll help me learn to do systems too XD
    8. Alpha

      [Request] Barebones/Shells/Templates

      Anything can help!
    9. Alpha

      [Request] Barebones/Shells/Templates

      Its been a long time since I built anything (2012 was when I last played frequently) and I wasn't all that good anyway. Looking for some ship shells, of various designs preferably, ranging from 1k to 100k in size, when filled in. Gonna play around with them and see what I can learn and produce...
    10. Alpha

      Throwback to the beginning

      Just found out you can still visit the old site, So I dug this up! Straight from the gallery, My old home and one of the first stations on that rickety old 2gb Official (and First) server. It was a simpler time.
    11. Alpha

      Glad to see how large the game has gotten. Come a long way from crashing that first server with...

      Glad to see how large the game has gotten. Come a long way from crashing that first server with 10 people, eh?
    12. Alpha

      History of the Imperium

      Bump from the past!
    13. Alpha

      Galaxy Rangers (Faction)

      I very much appreciate the consideration towards pre-update factions displayed here. I wish your faction the best of luck, and congratulate you on being the first Faction registered on the Official Server! :D
    14. Alpha

      History of the Imperium

      In the days when the universe was still young, and Humanity had just begun exploring the stars, Chaos was predominant. The people were divided and spread apart, like water droplets on the ground at the start of a downpour. But, as more and more droplets joined those already there, they began to...
    15. Alpha

      deleted ships every update

      The free version is the full version of the game at the moment, so its not that. If this is singleplayer, I have absolutely no clue what could be causing it, But a couple of things you can do to help: Make backups before updating Save the ship locally so you can buy it after update Now, if its...
    16. Alpha

      Looking for a Faction

      Alphanox Imperium has at least 4-5 members. We are (and have been) the first organized Clan for Starmade. We have a Teamspeak, Website, and Application form. If you wish to apply, please check out the forums at, in the Important Information Section, for a link to the application
    17. Alpha

      Hello everybody ! it's f3n3k a french fan

      I love the idea, but many servers can mean many different themes and ideas. I understand English is not your first language, so let me know if you do not understand what I am saying completely. I will do my best to explain it clearly. Welcome to the game!
    18. Alpha

      Alphanox Imperium is now recruiting! (Clan/faction)

      The Official US server.
    19. Alpha

      Rogue Knights (Faction/Clan)

      Please refer to the Alphanox Imperium post under general discussion