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    1. -=DWM=-

      Blue Dragonfly V1.0

      Spaceship the Dragonfly. Want to travel safely fast with your cargo or faction personnel? Buy the Dragonfly spaceship. Sturdy, fast and it gets you home. You don't even have to shoot, with the static missile launcher that will do all the work for you, if you want to get rid of some pesky...
    2. -=DWM=-

      Battleship the Juggernaut V 0.5

      Battleship the Juggernaut, Fenrir class version. It's a ship that is more focused on roleplaying. But It's also an siege type ship, that's capable for sniping thanks to his permanent cloaking option. The head cannon is powerful enough to blow up a planet with one shot. I let it to your...
    3. -=DWM=-

      Titan Fenrir - Decommissioned ship 1.0

      The proud Titan Fenrir, the ship that was once build on the Starmade Brierie server. I never bothered to make an interior for this titan, afraid that it grew too big. It had not even an entry, which I added it now. It was a powerful ship, but since a couple of updates ago, the turrets...
    4. -=DWM=-

      StarMade Weapons Update Prebuild

      Great work and I like the update. The cannon is easier to handle now. Still, there's trouble with the shield(s). For example, 200 million and it's still useless. I tested it with a titan and it gives me happily 90 percent while the hull is breached and the turrets are damaged. My only saving...
    5. -=DWM=-

      Options for Increasing your RC points

      MacThule Seems RPG isn't for everyone and I agree that's something for LvD. Btw, the problem that some players have more time then others will be always an issue. You can call mining also a form of grinding, until they improve the AI and players can command them properly like the AI factions do...
    6. -=DWM=-

      Options for Increasing your RC points

      JNC Yeah, I do love artefacts. Too bad, it's very rare in Starmade. MacThule I don't see a problem with PvP. Don't forget the RPG online games. If they don't have a problem with it, will it be any different with Starmade? But the most obvious problem would be the cloaking system.
    7. -=DWM=-

      Options for Increasing your RC points

      When I look at the reactor options, I always wished that I had more RC points, realizing that this also gives a lot of opportunities to make Starmade a lot more interesting, because this give the game also an RPG option. It would be interesting to spread some blocks around that can increase...
    8. -=DWM=-

      Starfighter Zero X 1.0

      The Starfighter Zero X was a ship that I build last year 2016. It's not an easy ship, that's focused on a lot attack power with a small ship, and that means that your power is fast depleted. It's more for the experienced fighters who know how to handle the balance between attacking and flying...
    9. -=DWM=-

      Battlecruiser Wolf 717 - Small update with thrusters.

      In this new version the thrusters automatically have the setting: Inherit Thrusters From Dock. So, now you don't need to visit each ship to check this option and have 1.3 speed. The only backdraw is that they haven't the unlimited Radar stealth anymore. Have fun.
    10. -=DWM=-

      Very Simple Enemy Detector V1.0

      I realise there are a few detectors around. Ah well, I put my own on Starmade too. It's not too difficult to understand how this one works, if you are in logic. I guess that you need two of them, on a X-as and Y-as for a better scan. After detection and the situation is safe again, the scanner...
    11. -=DWM=-

      Battlecruiser Wolf 717 1.1

      The Wolf 717 is a light battleship, best described as a giant big gun, your ultimate weapon, but with some very interesting options. -Light Screen for dark regions of space, that you can turn on/off. -Visual warnings when you're low on shield and a red light indication when you're hit. -20...
    12. -=DWM=-

      Power System Overhaul Proposal

      So, in fact the ships will have a central reactor, instead of that the whole ship is a shaped 'battery/recharger'? Just link the whole ship system to the reactor without any 'battery backup', just backup reactors? The idea sounds nice. Still, does it even matter? Small ships will still be...