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    1. IR0NSIGHT

      WarpSpace - 0.8 - Interdiction experimental

      Added (reverse engineered) vanilla interdiction to WarpSpace. Inhibitors work as normal, but are much much stronger. Inh-lvl 0 catches ships up to lvl 300, 300 additional levels per inh.lvl. Strongly advise to adjust config value for inhibitors to eat up more power, recommend val = 300. this...
    2. IR0NSIGHT

      An alternative FTL System - WarpSpace

      you cant exceed a certain maximum speed because of technical limitations. its not about performance having to load in more, its an engine limitation. No matter if you draw things or not. Loading in an empty sector isnt performance heavy, and you dont gain anything by staying in realspace with...
    3. IR0NSIGHT

      WarpSpace - HOTFIX 0.7.1 compiler fix

      Fixed wrong compile version Removed starapi dependency fixed miner bug with navigation marker Link to github release:
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      An alternative FTL System - WarpSpace

      Quick update for anyone wondering why WarpSpace has dissapeared from the downloadable mods: It has come to my attention (through random chance) that i compiled warpspace using java 1.8, which is incompatible with the vanilla launcher. This leads to a crash without an error message (which is an...
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      An alternative FTL System - WarpSpace

      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- why raising the speed limit isnt possible I agree with brokengauge on this on. I dont know exacty how the SM engine handles movement on a physix level, but generally physic in games is limited by...
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      WarpSpace - 0.7 - Improved HUD

      Added a simple HUD. Indicator will tell if you are in warp (WARP) or realspace (RSP), jumping or dropping.
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      An alternative FTL System - WarpSpace

      Slowly polishing up the mod. Simple, working state HUD:
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      WarpSpace - Hotfix 0.6.1 - station drop and navigation tools

      stations now drop to a random sector (as intendet) navigation point auto updates to/from warp when jumping/dropping.
    9. IR0NSIGHT

      WarpSpace - WarpSpace 0.6 - release

      WarpSpace now has better background code, a tiny GUI which tells you what RealSpace or WarpSpace coord you are at, it translates your navigation marker and plays super cool warning sounds when dropping out of warp. Also some new features are: - go slower than 50 m/s in warp and you will drop...
    10. IR0NSIGHT


      I just wanted to add that you can make cool mods with very limited coding knowledge. I never worked in Java before and my coding experience is limited to a year of on and off coding for fun with no deeper understanding whats going on. Jake and the others are very helpful with debugging and...
    11. IR0NSIGHT

      An alternative FTL System - WarpSpace

      Warpspace is now open source under the MIT License. That means everyone is allowed to do (almost) whatever they want with the code. Modify, sell, do anything with it: A rant for going opensource: I originally was very appalled by the idea to allow anyone...
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      An alternative FTL System - WarpSpace

      With the latest update, stations autodrop out of warp, because they cant move (minimum speed is 50m/s to stay in warp). Because that led to funky behaviour where you could drop a second station into a realspace sector by spawning it in warp, and to discourage station use, i added another...
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      DefaultMod 1.1

      albanian virus to steal your credit card info
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      An alternative FTL System - WarpSpace

      A thought on griefing: With the warpspace, a potential raid is far harder to pull off. 1 warpsector = 10 realspace sectors, so if you sit in your warpsector and you can see 1 sector in each direction, you essentially can see whats going on in the warp for the whole stellar system. Very hard to...
    15. IR0NSIGHT

      An alternative FTL System - WarpSpace

      Since each system has 4 nodes at a 1:10 scale, i dont really see the danger of griefing, because it to many entry points to try and prey for passerbys, but not to many if you want to set up defenses in your own system. But sure, any ability to defend a system can also be used for...
    16. IR0NSIGHT

      automated weapons fire limited amount of times

      my bet is on bug. weapon computers shouldnt have a max count of firing. If you experience it again, pls send me or anyone from the starlaoder discord the log files so we can have a look
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      An alternative FTL System - WarpSpace

      Hello people, i figured i post this thread here for some long time discussion, as discord swallows a lot of answers and i do want as much input/feedback as possible. I present to you WarpSpace. WarpSpace replaces the vanilla FTL mechanic ("admin teleport") with a minecraft nether like space...
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      WarpSpace 0.9.6

      This is warpspace. This mod explores the idea to have a space in which you travel to get from point a to point b, but faster than normal flight. The mod creates a warpspace, similar to the minecraft nether in concept. Every meter travelled in the warp translates into 10 meters travelled in...
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      wewBot - wew 0.2

    20. IR0NSIGHT

      wewBot 0.2

      a chatbot that will answer "wew" if you type "wew" in the chat broken from very early days of starloader discontinued