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    1. Seoson

      Resolutions supported (Widescreen)

      You can try to enforce your settings using the settings.cfg located in your StarMade directory. A few settings that could help you to achieve what you need. G_RESOLUTION = int:X x int:Y G_FOV = float:A G_FULLSCREEN = bolean G_WINDOWED_BORDERLESS = bolean In case fullscreen doesn't work try...
    2. Seoson

      cant play singleplayer (critical error)

      This is not the full error message. There should be more details in the log. However for the most part this Issue is caused by the database lock for me. Try to delete */StarMade/server-database/world0/index/.lck . This file might be invisible depending on your OS. Good luck.
    3. Seoson

      Bug Player tried to upload corrupted skin

      It appears that the problem does not effect all skins /players. Could you please upload your skin and post the server IP (and maybe OS) where you tried to upload your skin? I would provide my own, but I am not at home right now.
    4. Seoson

      Bug Player tried to upload corrupted skin

      By local skins I mean that you can see your own skin and if you drop them manually into the directory the should work as well.
    5. Seoson

      Bug Elevator pushed through the top of a closed shaft with push beams

      Physics are bugged at the moment, so don't expect these to work perfectly. Also if you play mutilplayer server owners are going to hate you fo using those. What you could do to prevent this is attach the push computer to a clock that turns of after a certain time. That will at least make sure...
    6. Seoson

      Console Command Help + Check Update

      First check . The StarMade launcher will not start the server once the update is finished (sadly, due to a bug, it will not close either). To update the server simply run "java -jar ./StarMade-Starter.jar -nogui" via your terminal. You have...
    7. Seoson

      Bug Player tried to upload corrupted skin

      Skin upload seems to be broken at the moment. I've got an eye on the issue, because me and my players appear to have the same problem. I didn't have the time yet to take a deeper look into it since it's x-mas time. I will open an issue on the bug tracker soon when I've time to make sure it's not...
    8. Seoson

      Another kid who can't run starmade

      Please try to update your Intel Graphics Card driver, since older versions are known to cause problems with StarMade.
    9. Seoson

      Some quick questions

      1) Make sure to leave enough space on each side of your core and stop the ship before you exit. However sometimes you still appear outside of your ship. 4) Yes 5) It's intended as far as I know.
    10. Seoson

      Command line arguments overview

      Hello fellow astronauts, in case you need to manually manipulate your StarMade installation, you can use the following command line arguments. However keep in mind that they can demage your SM installtion, so use them only if you know what you're doing. StarMade Launcher (v. 15): -help...
    11. Seoson

      Server reset

      As far as I'm informed you should be able to play in old universes. Running only dedicated servers the procedure for me is very easy. Backup the server-database folder before you do changes (launcher does that for me for the most part when it comes to updates) and copy it to it's old place as...
    12. Seoson

      Bug Missing libraries

      I've created an issue and posted 3 workarounds.
    13. Seoson

      Bug tracker: Clean up

      Issue #851 appears to be fixed. No more crashes.
    14. Seoson

      Wiki Update!

      Well I forgot: Would you, DukeofRealms, please put Wiki contents by default (apart from proprietary assets of Schine) under a Creative Commons license? Otherwise this is going to cause a few problems. I would recommend: CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International The Wiki appears to be offline...
    15. Seoson

      Wiki Update!

      Would like to help as well. I've a bit mediawiki experience since I wrote mediawiki articles for IV-MP (discontinued GTA IV multiplayer mod) and did some articles for the intranet of my company. I have to admit that I'm inactive as hell due the fact that my jobs is keeping me busy and the fact...
    16. Seoson

      How to secure Starmote?

      Set "USE_STARMADE_AUTHENTICATION = true" in your server.cfg. Make sure to add at least one admin to the admin.txt file and restart the server (you can use admin commands to do so). If you don't add at least one username to this file anyone has admin rights by default. If you've followed the...
    17. Seoson

      Bug Inappropriate Ads for mobile browsers

      Doesn't appear to be fixed for me. About landscape mode: I need to refresh the page in order to get the layout to adjust itself, which is not exactly kewl ;-) EDIT// It doesn't appear to be an issue only for firefox mobile...
    18. Seoson

      Server Query Protocol

      The author asked for the server status query protocol if I'm right. As far as I know there is no official documentation, however there are implementations that can be used as a reference. They have been created via reverse engineering and work very well. Currently not all features are supported...
    19. Seoson

      More Descriptive Tutorial

      True. Skipping is useful especially when the tutorial get updated over time to introduce new features of the game. However this is possible with more interactive sorts of tutorials as well. What I don't like as it is, is that you have no clue as a new player how placement of weapons or power...
    20. Seoson

      More Descriptive Tutorial

      A text based tutorial is no solution whatsoever. In the current state of the game it does not make to much sense to only edit the texts and let people figure the rest out themselves. Currently I highly recommend watching youtube tutorials. For a later version of the game I'd like to see an...