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    1. Seoson

      Command line arguments overview

      Hello fellow astronauts, in case you need to manually manipulate your StarMade installation, you can use the following command line arguments. However keep in mind that they can demage your SM installtion, so use them only if you know what you're doing. StarMade Launcher (v. 15): -help...
    2. Seoson

      Bug Inappropriate Ads for mobile browsers

      Hello folks, while browseing the forums (starmadedock) with Firefox mobile I noticed that the ads are not scaling correctly with the device's viewport. I'm using an adblocker to prevent the site from doing so for now, since it's not only an issue on aesthetics, but also a question of download...
    3. Seoson

      [Bug][Linux][Dedicated server] Java Exceptions when using nohup + Workaround

      Hello there, aas the title idciates I've got a problem running StarMade on a dedicated server. While the server itself works more or less good, it is filling up my hardrive with exception messages. According to "WarSong" (or something similar; I'm very bad at remebering names) that was caused...