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    1. bigdude601

      Dominion Prime Reborn

      I am Very happy to announce that Dominion Prime is back, Hop on by and say hi sometime. You can also find us in the server lister.
    2. bigdude601


      Does anyone know if starnet.jar works with the current build of starmade? Im trying to set up some simple scripts for my starmade server and im having some trouble with it. Figured I would ask and see if it even is functional these days.
    3. bigdude601

      Dominion Prime, Boosted mining

      The Dominion now has a server SM.DOMINIONGAMING.ORG:4242 Come on by and have a visit. Semi star trek inspired server with Starfleet based pirates and Ferengi traders. 20x mining rates for faster setting up. "Asteroid mining in your system gives about 280x" 2 million starting credits...
    4. bigdude601

      The Dominion

      The Dominion is now recruiting for the following roles, Engineer/ship builder "Vorta" Soldier "Jem'Hadar" "Cardassian" "Breen" Merchant/Supplies "Kareema" "Dosi" "The races listed in Quatation marks are for reference only" Applicants may apply below by responding to this thread or via...