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    1. Yetimania

      A Comprehensive Balance and Streamlining Overhaul

      Hey everyone! I'm just dropping in to give my two cents on what balance changes the game needs to thrive. I don't expect them to be implemented at this late stage, but maybe some ideas or points will inspire others in some way. You might remember me from the Manifesto that was deemed...
    2. Yetimania

      Systems 2.0

      Personally, while I agree that the current power system needs work, this proposed change seems a step in the wrong direction. I've had a really hard time getting friends and family, none of whom are 'casual' gamers, to stick with this game due to its byzantine nature as it is. Their eyes simply...
    3. Yetimania

      Baffled armor deflects nuke blast

      Haha, yeah, sorry. I had two tabs open. *cringe*.
    4. Yetimania

      A Manifesto on the Relationship Between Fighters, Titans and AI

      I haven't been super active lately, but the big addition seems to be that you can now give rudimentary orders to AI-controlled spaceships: go there, defend this place, that kind of thing. This even includes redock to the mothership, though it requires some sophisticated logic to build a proper...
    5. Yetimania

      Baffled armor deflects nuke blast

      I've been away for awhile, but now that the fleet update is here, I'm interested in drones again. Can I ask what the current 'state of the art' is in terms of drone design? Is there an ideal size, weapon configuration, etc? (Ie, the smallest size possible that can launch 50,000 power worth of...
    6. Yetimania

      Armour Block Comparison

      Interesting... In this case, the ordinary hull that's skinning the rest of the ship, and the interior, is providing armour HP for the front advanced armour, where you expect to actually need it. This brings up the question, though: is it more advantageous to have 10 layers of advanced armoured...
    7. Yetimania

      Change to Effect Systems?

      I don't know if effect balance changed, but mass calculations changed. Advanced hull is now 5x denser than regular hull, for example. If your ships have lots of advanced hull, they'll have more mass (and therefore less effective effect systems) than before.
    8. Yetimania

      Armour Block Comparison

      Hey! This is a thread to talk about the pros and cons of the various hull types. I haven't played yet in the new hp-system, so I'm really interested in the experiences of those who have. But here's my initial findings based on looking at their stats: Hull: Mass: .05 Sys Hp: 5 Arm. Hp: 50 Block...
    9. Yetimania

      Slow Rails and Turrets?

      Thanks, CyberTao! You were 100% correct about turrets needing mass enhancers. As for the drone rack, the speed doesn't change no matter how many I add to the main ship. I suspect there's a bug involving chain-docked rails.
    10. Yetimania

      Toggle Displays Like Rails

      That would be absolutely awesome. Block-intensive, but I couldn't imagine anyone even really wanting to do this on a small ship, so that's not a big problem. You could even turn the extra display blocks upside-down and use them as hull or floor to save blocks.
    11. Yetimania

      Slow Rails and Turrets?

      Hey! Like most of you, I've been playing around with the new rails and turrets, and I'm running into some problems. Any turret I build that's smaller than the tiniest point defence turret rotates extremely slowly when controlled by BOBBY, but at normal speed when controlled by a human. Does...
    12. Yetimania

      Surprise Dev Update

      It is a shame that I can only click "agree" once. I think this solution is perfect. Anything that lets me build effective turrets that don't have to be half the size of the ship they're docked to is alright in my book. With this implimented, I'd just transfer the shield caps I'd otherwise put on...
    13. Yetimania

      What blocks can interact with logic?

      I absolutely agree. How cool would it be if you could have lights flash every time you fired a gun? Or a second door close every time you opened a door (airlocks, anyone?) That would be so. cool.
    14. Yetimania

      Brainstorm This My Two Cents on Turret AI

      I disagree. None of this effects the accuracy of turrets, which is pretty poor on most servers. Also, humans will almost always be more intelligent than any amount of prescripted activity, because with humans, you can talk to them and adjust strategies on the fly.
    15. Yetimania

      What blocks can interact with logic?

      Hey! This thread is pretty self-explanatory. Basically, I want to know what kinds of blocks logic blocks can interact with. Here's what I know so far: docking modules: input to undock craft. Output when craft docks/undocks. lights: input to turn on/off. No output. gravity modules: input to...
    16. Yetimania

      Brainstorm This My Two Cents on Turret AI

      Why do there need to be ways to distract them? Shouldn't people's turrets only do what they're supposed to do?
    17. Yetimania

      Brainstorm This My Two Cents on Turret AI

      There's been a lot of buzz lately about different ways turret AI should work, such as adding more types of selectable targets. While I was reading that thread, I thought about how I would like turret AI to function, and I came up with an idea that I think will please most people, and likely...
    18. Yetimania

      How do you create a reliable ship?

      I think that's because the mass calculation includes docked ships and turrets, while the block count doesn't.
    19. Yetimania

      Additional Hotbar(s)

      This is a great idea. The other way this could be implemented is: 1-0: select item from first hotbar shift + 1-0: select item from second hotbar ctrl + 1-0: select item from third hotbar alt + 1-0: select item from fourth hotbar. Optionally, caps lock can toggle you between the 1st and 2nd...
    20. Yetimania

      ElwynEternity Starmade server

      I think I would actually prefer using largely vanilla configs, even if it was less balanced. That way, ships would be interchangeable with SP and other servers, which is important, as building and uploading ships is a big draw to the game. That said, this server is great. Little lag, great...