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    1. Tshara

      809 Sampson - Maximum interaction

      This will probably be the last update. I do not have any more space for additional features. Added cargo scanner system. 1 jump charge and charge speed have been dropped for this. Added some small visual sensors to indicate scanning capabilities. Reworked the engine block slightly. Resolved a...
    2. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      I considered the water for the small cargo vessel. You can’t turn that on and off though. As for the bigger build. The water was docked. Its not shown on the vid though. Even had lights on the docked water for the glow. I'll take a look at the ship.
    3. Tshara

      809 Sampson - Sorry about that

      - Noticed some missing blocks during filming. - Added forcefield control to cargo bay.
    4. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      The ultimate building tip!
    5. Tshara

      809 Sampson - Additional features

      Emergency forcefield added to cargo door. Will engage automatically if landing gear is not down and door is opened. Control available on bridge. Redesigned engineering section. Additional interactive features added to this area. Build block and rail speed. Door lock now locks the bridge door and...
    6. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      It was a lot of fun. The version I uploaded to the docks has even more features. An escape module and a secret cargo hold you can’t proof exists. 809 Sampson | StarMade Dock
    7. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      A new ship today. And it’s a special one. Time for another JW608 challenge build. 809 Sampson | StarMade Dock And:
    8. Tshara

      809 Sampson 1.2

      The 809 Sampson is the workhorse of many shipyards and fleets. Able to carry a substantial amount of cargo but being able to push even more cargo containers. A comfortable interior provides enough space to house a standard crew of 4. Some of the main features this ship provides are: Taggable...
    9. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      Next episode will be up on Monday. Mainly because what it is about. Not going to spoil it here but it will be a slightly different then normal.
    10. Tshara

      Doc Industries Shipyard

      Makers me want to build trench setup for the fighters to fly though in pursuit of an X-wing.
    11. Tshara

      A question regarding intellectual property rights and creations within the game

      I remember we had to sign a separate contract for the contest stations specifically to transfer the rights of the creation to Shine.
    12. Tshara

      Spawned/Sub-entity naming

      You could rename them by hand. It will not save in a blueprint though.
    13. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

    14. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      A showcase with 2 ships this time!
    15. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      Funny you would say that. Its on my list of things to do actually :D As for what is next. The green fleet is one of them. I do have some other ideas for a bigger project though. Got a lot of time freed up now that the galactic trader has been released.
    16. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      Its finally here! If you find anything wrong with logic, systems or blocks please let me know. I will be updating the ship depending how long the list of updates gets.
    17. Tshara

      Galactic Trading Vessel 1.0

      As part of the Trade guilds ever expanding thirst for profit a new line of ships was commissioned. It was no longer enough to just transport goods to desired locations. A new shopping experience was needed. Enter the first of the line of Galactic trading vessels. Bringing the experience and...
    18. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      The name thing is a bit embarrassing. Fixed the hangar typo as well. That is something spelling check will not catch for me. As for creating the drawings. Just actually counting blocks and drawing it in photoshop. Every 2x2 pixel is a block in StarMade. Its not as bad as you think because you...
    19. Tshara

      Wild Space Explorers

      Editing is not a problem. Got the PSD file with separated layers for text. What typos did you notice?
    20. Tshara

      Raza (shell) 2020-10-16

      Unfinished shell of the Raza. Posted on request.