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    Intergalactic Council

    Council of Intergalactic Representatives

    As citizens spread far and wide throughout the galaxies, it became less and less easy for their voices to be heard. The universe continues to expand and the citizens wanted to know what was out there, they wanted their issues heard.

    And so the Council of Intergalactic Representatives (aka. the Intergalactic Council, or just the Council) was formed, where elected citizens would bring forth the needs of the people, where they would discuss key ideas and issues with the powers that be, and convey the deliberations of the council to the citizens.

    Council Roles

    - Seek opinions from the community on ideas and suggestions, issues and concerns, and present them to the dev team for consideration.

    - Represent the majority opinion of the community in discussing with the dev team new projects and initiatives.

    - Hold public and private forum discussions on key ideas and issues in order to deliberate and decide what the community thinks to be the best course of action.

    - Convey the council's thoughts, opinions, and decisions to players who inquire to representatives in-game on servers they are active on, and to take note of players' concerns or ideas to bring to the rest of the council.

    Elected Representatives

    Representatives on the council are elected by the community, and serve one four-month term on the council after which new council members are elected. Citizens apply to become a council representative if they believe they would be well suited on the council, then during an election period citizens will be able to vote for who they would like to see on the council. Elected Representatives are denoted by the intergalactic council medal located under their name in the forums.

    The Ballot

    In order to become a council representative citizens apply to have their name go on the ballot to then be voted in by the community. Citizen applications must first be approved by the Schine team before their name makes it onto the ballot. Every four-months the council has an election period, where applications are open and concluding with the ballot being voted on by the community. During an election period citizens will be able to vote on the current ballot list on who they would like to see on the council.

    The voting will be conducted through the Council of Intergalactic Representatives website. The number of names on the ballot will determine how many names citizens will be able to vote for in the poll.

    Applications for Term 3 Council Now Open