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    The Rhino 0.9

    A slightly incomplete, yet functional warship

    1. DroopPhase
      starmade-screenshot-0004.png starmade-screenshot-0005.png
      For weapons we have; stop effect beams, with a wide spread for easy kills, anti-shield rapid fire cannons as well as "shredder" cannons(the red ones in the first screenshot), for obliterating hull, with a piercing effect. Also heat seeking missiles.

      There are also turrets, for anti missiles as well as missile+beam turrets for a bit of extra damage and 1 million shields...

      The interior isn't finished and there is room for more systems but it is perfectly capable of handling pirate fleets. There are various other systems too such as a small salvage array, acceptable jump-drive and so on.

      Any input is welcome and I hope this may at least provide a little inspiration.