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    The INSTAwarp 12.0

    Experience the thrill of INSTAwarp yourself!

    1. Arcaner
      Game version:
      Any version after 2018 (most probably even 2017)
      INSTAwarp! A new way of astronaut travelling!

      Some of its features-

      This device has two parts: A cube part and a small (door+green-light+display) entity, as visible in the image below:

      The cube the horizontal faces colored green, red, purple and blue. The device is in "unloaded" state when the entity is in the purple side of of the cube. It is in loaded state when it is in the blue side.

      Initially, the device is in unloaded state. To load the device, a button is present on the purple face of the cube with a display telling you what to do.


      Once loaded, the entity is on the blue face side. Approach it and follow the steps mentioned on the display. You will warp instantaneously to the purple side!

      To reload it, go back to the button present on the cube and follow the steps mentioned.

      The entity-

      Alternatively, you could press the button when the device is in loaded state and see the entity warp, then charge, then warp, everytime you press the button.

      For those of you wanting to explore its depths, I've made parts of the cube with yellow Hazard blocks. Digging those should give you access to all the logic components.

      Warning: Do not leave the entity in the loaded state while exiting the game/leaving the sector. (see the thread)

      Note: Sometimes, upon loading the INSTAwarp, the entity becomes "ghosted" (see the thread). Exiting and returning back to the game will solve this problem.

      Yet another note: You do not need the green light and the display block on the entity. They're there for easy recognition and for instructions. Removing these will not do anything.
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