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    Manual Turret (Proof of concept) 4.0

    7 buttons control it all! Can be rigged with wireless and used from other entites!

    1. Arcaner
      Game version:
      A small turret that can be aimed and fired using just 7 buttons.

      How to use: there are 4 buttons and 2 activation modules present in the "control panel" of the turret. Two buttons control left, right motion, other two control up/down motion. Because 45 degree increments are not enough for precise aiming, there are 2 more activation modules present. They allow you to stop the horizontal and vertical motion of the turret at any instant. The center wireless module is for "fire".

      The control panel:

      Turret can be rigged to be controlled using wireless from another entity. It is (as of now) fitted with missiles, but this can be changed.

      Has its own power, thrusters and rail speed controllers. Force-field doors lead into the heart of the turret, for those interested in messing around with it.

      Mostly useless in battle, just fun to play around with.
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    Recent Reviews

    1. MChain
      Version: 4.0
      Useless in battle, but the main system can be made into some nice animated decorations. Keep up the good work!