Geezer-class frigate (SHELL WITH TURRETS)

    Geezer-class frigate (SHELL WITH TURRETS) v1

    Game version
    v0.202.16 (DevBuild with QuickFire configs)
    Geezer image.png

    This is the semi-empty shell version of this ship: Geezer-class frigate

    It comes with two offensive turrets (730-module basic beams) and five AMS turrets (30/30 cannon-cannon).

    It has very minimal interior, including two functional airlocks, a core room and a cockpit.

    It also contains thrusters built into the engines, and some armor reinforcement (yellow standard and orange advanced) lining the inner surface of the nose.

    Feel free to use it as you wish. In case of a reupload, mentioning me or linking back here would be appreciated. Thanks & enjoy!

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    Latest reviews

    Would make a nice pair with the Lobster Frigate. As always, nice engine.
    Setting the standard for other builders.
    with Way To Go! Thanks for sharing!
    Thanks for the review!
    Yes, it would fit well alongside the Lobster, which was the first ship where I used this scaled hull design. But I think this one turned out better, since it lacks the lazy top-bottom symmetry, and instead has a differently shaped top and underside, giving it a more interesting form. I should probably go and see how they look next to each other though, thanks for the idea! :)